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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. bcowen
    You'd be broke too if you bought all the crap that I did. :relaxed: I keep telling myself that no price is too high for quality. Just wish I'd learned that 22 years ago yesterday when I was buying that 'quality' anniversary card. LOL!
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  2. TK16
    Got my 55/56 pair of Brimar ECC82 square, they are noisy, microphonic and test 710-1,600 and 700-1,400
    2,200 NOS on my Hickok. These are the tubes.
    Edit: seller offered full refund including return shipping.


    Edit: the Tele ECC801S in the MJ2 as preamp only sound pretty fantastic, think SS part of the amp is the culprit for the bad synergy.

    Using the MJ2 as preamp with 59 D getter 7316 and a pair of Blackburn 57 square getter in the LP and they sound fantastic.
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  3. fotomeow
    Ive been cruising the Tubemonger site more and more. Interesting. Not sure where to start.
    Homepage: https://www.tubemonger.com/default.asp

    1. Tube measurements? or Not measurements? Covering all their bases? Description of many of their tubes:
    "Tested and matched on Hickok 752, just recently calibrated and modified by Hickok expert to all Solid State to eliminate drift. However, on average 12AT7 measures lower on this 752 than it should.
    For comparison, 12AT7 measuring 4400-4400 on calibrated Hickok 600 measures 3300-3300 mmhos on this 752. Average new 12AT7 on Hickok 600 is 4000 mmhos. In other words, actual test scores are higher than what we have noted on the tube boxes."

    2. They use their anti-vibe socket saver technology on NOS tubes. I suppose Technology is too strong a word:

    3. Brimare CV4033: Don Sachs approved! See review t bottom of page:

    4. They offer a small library of NOS tubes to use as reference for authenticity,

    5. But even the dealers get screwed:
    "Brand New ECC803S with Tall plates with chrome flanges. BLOWOUT SALE AT COST.Just like Jac of Emissions labs (click on this link), we did not hesitate to prepay when our trusted source from Europe offered NOS Tesla ECC803S in quantity at very attractive price. After getting the tubes, we have discovered that these are NOT Original NOS Tesla ECC803S (click LARGER PHOTO to compare). We have no idea of when and where these were produced in Slovakia."

    6. And this one is for you bc. :couple: "Gifts for Her".
    Her? How I can afford a "her" when I got all these damn NOS tubes to buy?
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  4. TK16
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
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  5. fotomeow
    Totally. He could be a damn tube Genie !

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  6. koover
    He looks like he’s wearing some weird pair of overalls with a t shirt.
  7. bcowen
    Oh great. Now they've got girl stuff. As soon as my wife indicates she'd love to have some tubes, I'll be a great husband and buy her some. Probably GE's. :smile:
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  8. DRHamp
    I am stepping away from the tube world. I am selling most of my inventory of tubes that I have used in My Ember II, my Liquid Platinum, and currently in my Mjolnir 2. My list of tubes linked below are those that work well in the MJ2 and most in the Liquid Platinum. Some of these tubes have been purchased from members of this thread and most from Ebay. I have positive feedback on Head-fi. I will stand behind anything I sell – If you feel I’ve mis-represented anything or if you are dis-satisfied with the tubes, I will refund your money and pay return shipping – no questions asked. I do not have a tube tester, so have only the original sellers information regarding measurments and test results and will provide that where I have it. I will do my best to describe the tubes accurately. I will say that I’ve enjoyed these tubes in my MJ2 and to me, none of them sound less than good to my old ears and some are real gems. I am not offering these tubes anywhere but this thread. Feel free to PM me with any questions,
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
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  9. TK16
    PM incoming.
  10. Mike-WI
    Great organization and information.
    I don't even own (except my son's Vali 2) any Schiit that needs tubes, but this makes we want to.
  11. fotomeow
    Hey DR
    Only 83 pair huh? :upside_down:

    Thank you for offering these to the community , and sorry to see you leave the Tube world.
    (And if you found something better than tubes, you better tell us about it!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

    PM sent
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  12. mattrudy80
    Thanks for this offering! PM sent.
  13. TK16
    Got 3 pairs of tubes incoming, GEC A2900, Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 and another pair of the Mullard Blackburn Square getter ECC82 1957.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  14. mattrudy80
    You beat me to the Blackburn's from DR??? Or was it @fotomeow?

    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  15. TK16
    They were 2 pair, I bought 1. Best buy now my flat rate box is not sealed yet.
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