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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. koover
    Damn, GE labeled
  2. TK16
    Tried to warn ya bro.
  3. jb77
    Just sent him a message asking, I will post what his answer is once I hear back
  4. jb77
    Thank you!

    I sent him a message asking the above questions, I’ll post his answer
  5. koover
    Yeah I know but being an early 50’s set in pretty good shape for cheap?....$20 ain’t gonna kill me.
  6. koover
    This guy may be one of the best sellers I’ve ever dealt with. I kid you not, from India to Arizona in a day and a half. Bought on a late Monday afternoon and got them early Wednesday. Perfect tubes, perfect communication, boxing, etc. I’d buy from this guy all the time without hesitation. He did go up $20 on the 6c8g black glass Tung Sol though. It’s probably because a whole bunch of us bought them in a relatively short time span and he prolly thought “here we go”
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  7. jb77
    To all fellow members I wanted to put out a WARNING ⚠️ about the eBay seller: stev_balle Dealing with him has been a long drawn out hassle, he currently has my money and the tubes, he was supposed to refund me and he never did after unanswered emails I got eBay involved he finally refunded my by echeck that was declined the day it was supposed to post, still no refund looks like I will have to get eBay to get involved again!

    Buyer Beware!!!
  8. jb77
    Thanks @koover!

    Appreciate the heads up!
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  9. TK16
    He got no money cus be refunded me first! Always try tubes as soon as you get them. I tested and tried that crap pair of Valvo ECC82 side O getters a d returned them the next day bro. That box you got today could be empty. Good warning bro! Always good to hear about bad experiences with sellers that should be avoided.
  10. TK16
    That totempole_999 seller says he tests for noise and microphonics as well, bought a pair of the Telefunken ECC801S to see what the fuss is about.
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  11. fotomeow
    Ha! I saw both those ads a few days ago, abnd wondered the same thing. In fact, I emailed "Frau-olia" for more info. And then sent the ad to bcowen for review. (he tore the ad apart! LOL).
    And here is the response from Der Frau in the UK that has multiple listings for HG tubes:


    I love his response: "What you mean other measurements?" LMAO.
    In fact bcowen has dubbed them "FrauD-olia" !!!!

    the $25 MP of RCA 12AU7s clear top with side getters off Etsy works for me!! Edited.
    They have a rep for playing well for Rock and Roll, but IME they play well with most genre's. In fact, its hard NOT to like them.

    But my Siemens E81CCs arrived today, they''ve been cooking in the Lyr for 45 min now, time to let them take me on a ride :)
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  12. TK16
    Think those clear tops are RCA. Those are excellent for the money. Same with the 50's RCA excellent value.
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  13. fotomeow
    oh ya, that's right!
  14. jb77
    Decided to try a pair of the Tele ECC801S as well from the totempole_999 seller from India.
  15. fotomeow
    Ha! We should've put in for a bulk order! I prolly going to spring for some too
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