Schiit Gungnir DAC
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You should get what you want, firstly. Most reports are considering the USB good,
but still the Toslink is favored.
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Actually, my preference is neither USB nor toslink. I prefer coax.

I think for PC users coax should be used. I've heard the coax through a 
converter box and couldn't discern any difference between coax and toslink
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so toslink it is. i've never used toslink before. always used to usb. right now i'm using a ibasso D7 with SinglePower mpx 3 tube amp for my lcd2 setup. I'm thinking Gungnir would be a good step up. I did order a gungnir last night and i'm going to ask to get the one without usb . and save $100
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So I should be alright does anyone know how long they take to ship. i won't get the order shipped till dec 3 for the gungnir cause they on backorder
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I got the USB option as well...I prefer the digital out (using coax) from the PC.....but damn myself for checking this thread, just bought the same cable for my marantz cd player for the toslink for the gungnir lol.....
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don't really feel like shelling out $100 more for sound card that has coax. honestly don't know what the difference between the optisilk and armored jacking toslink to toslink option. i think i'm going to be broke and be in 1,000s of debt if I don't get off this forum. past month bought $2,500 worth of audio equipment. also the customer service for schiit is awesome
[size=11.0pt]I was having your Gungnir built tonight. I will let our board tech know to build yours without USB.  No need to reorder, I will make a note on your order.[/size]
[size=11.0pt]Alex Martin[/size]
[size=11.0pt]Operations Manager[/size]
[size=11.0pt]Schiit Audio[/size]
pretty good people right there.

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