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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. madwolfa
    About the noisy meets - ALL headphones sounded absolutely the same to me (exaggeration, but you get the point). It really is not the best place to evaluate.
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  2. StanD
    Meetings can be fun and a place to touch the new toys but a noisy environment is not the way to compare anything. Also doing a proper comparison is not simple due to the human condition, we have many shortcomings that we are either unaware of or unwilling to accept. Don't let me get in the way of enjoying your soon to be new aquisition. Unfortunately for audiophiles, "The truth is out there." [​IMG]
  3. sheldaze
    The truth is out where? Sorry, I'm a little confused. There seems to be a subtext to what you're stating, and which I am not comprehending.
    More specifically, where do you engage in listening? I personally only have the opportunity to critically listen at home - but I feel that some form of constructive sharing, in a more public space, would be beneficial to the community at large. This is what I'm getting at - listening only at home, and then posting doesn't really convey to others the sonic benefits of a particular technology. And of course we each hear differently. So it usually ends up in threads with people bashing one another's opinions.
    But you seem to have a different thought in your subtext, and I would truly appreciate if you would share [​IMG] 
  4. StanD
    I am lucky to live near NYC and have friends that buy all sorts of kit that I get to listen to in quiet settings. I also used to work with electronic musical instruments and recording studios, etc. and have developed a good ear for sound. Not to mention that I'm an EE.
  5. bretemm
    Just Ordered the new $399 bifrost!
  6. sheldaze
    ^ Looking forward to your impressions. Someone in another thread pointed out that CEntrance is starting to use the same DAC chip. Quite interested in hearing what you think of the Schiit implementation. 
  7. notfitforpublic
  8. bretemm
    Yea so far with "compairisons" I've been able to compare my Magni and Valhalla2, so ill definetly be comparing the bifrost vs modi as well as I'm going to try and try the bifrost with my marantz in 2.0 channels
  9. StanD
    It's a spectacular deal for a wonderful DAC.
  10. ericr
    Ordered the multi-bit upgrade late on Friday and tonight the status says "You are currently in position 7 out of 46.". But no email asking me to send it in yet.

    I'm kind.of anxious to compare it to my Paradisea 3, an R-2R DAC from MHDT Labs in Taiwan. It outperformed the Uber Bifrost so it should be a good test of the MB BF.
  11. sheldaze
    There are more posts in this thread:
    @Astral Abyss was originally in position #6, and appears to have already received an RMA. It's moving queue, so give Schiit a couple of days to complete the first batch of upgrades and to run through the burn-in process.
  12. Astral Abyss
    My Bifrost is scheduled to arrive at Schiit HQ today.  Hopefully the turn-around is quick and they release more return authorizations soon.
  13. bretemm
    Yep! But THO, what's the main diffrence if I do or don't order the $250 upgrade? What would that mainly benefit or for?
  14. sheldaze
    This may be a repeat post, but I suggest you try this thread:
    I personally suggest you enjoy your Bifrost "4490". Having owned the "Uber", and being a fan of its sound signature, combined with the folks at Schiit stating the "4490" has an upgraded sound - you may have all the DAC you'll ever need. Listen to it for a while, and make your decisions based on that. And if / when that itch comes, you have a company backing you up with current and future upgrade options [​IMG]
  15. ericr
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