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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Erebuxy
    Hope get the upgraded review soon.
  2. jefffree69
    WOW ! - that's major - its almost a completely new model compared to my BF / Uber / USB ( that I paid voer $500 for a year ago)
    So to upgrade completely do I need both  4490 ($100) + Multibit ($250)  = 350 ?
    Think I'd consider buying a new multibit for $599 instead
  3. ZoNtO
    One or the other.
  4. sheldaze
    You can only get one of the two upgrades. The 4490 is like a Uber upgrade (only it has now become the baseline for the Bifrost). It is reported by Schiit to sound better than the current Uber but it still used a Delta-Sigma implementation.
    The Multbit is a completely separate upgrade, and cannot be mixed with the 4490 upgrade. So in summary, your upgrade is either $100 or $250. I'm going for the $250, having heard the Multibit chip in the Yggy and Gumby.
  5. madwolfa
    On my way to post office with my Bifrost. :wink:
  6. wahsmoh
    I'm surprised how much they managed to squeeze into that little chassis compared to the old Bifrost.
  7. jefffree69

    Ok thanks for the info.
    But if the most you can do is upgrade  to the Multibit,  then  it is still not quite as good as new one (?) 
    (If I understand  here:  "4490 is like a Uber upgrade ...It is reported by Schiit to sound better than the current Uber" )
  8. Tuco1965

    Upgrading to MB is the same as buying the new one. The 4490 is a DS upgrade over the previous Uber.
  9. theblueprint
    Mike just killed the DAC game with the 4490 frost selling at $400. Insane. And MB option for $600. Unreal.

    Hopefully the 4490 widens the performance gap between modi 2 uber and the newest sigma delta upgrade. I have no doubt it would though.
    wahsmoh likes this.
  10. wahsmoh
    I made a thread awhile back when the new AKM "Veritas" DACs came out and I got a few responses. The first one of these that came out was the Aune S16 which didn't seem to get a lot of attention. It's interesting now that the standard Bifrost uses this and they scratched the Bifrost Uber from the lineup. Looks like I'll be sending in my Uber to get the MB upgrade.
  11. artur9

    That picture of the black Bifrost on the B-stock page is quite the tease.
  12. wahsmoh
    I just ordered the upgrade for my Bifrost Uber to MB. The upgrade bug got me.. I couldn't stop myself from doing it. Well, now I might as well listen to the Uber one last time to get acquainted to its sound before I can never hear it again.
    edit: I just listened to the Uber with Santana's Greatest Hits and tried Samba Pa Ti and Oye Como Va.
    I found that the soundstage sounded boxed in and not as wide as the Theta I own or as clear either.
    The details are all there, but it is the way they are presented and there seems to be better natural decay in the Theta than the Bifrost Uber.
    Also the Uber is not as dynamic sounding, there isn't as much weight to percussion instruments as the R2R Progeny. It didn't take me longer than 5 minutes to see why I had retired the Uber until the MB upgrade became available.
  13. munce31
    I've only had my Bifrost uber for 2 weeks now but I have to admit, its very tempting to go for the upgrade to MB.
    Cost of shipping from Australia will be the biggest problem though..
  14. wahsmoh
    I just shipped mine back to Schiit for the upgrade. Only $10 for shipping since I live about 200 miles from their location. I'm excited to hear it when it returns! [​IMG]
  15. munce31
    I just did a calculation of the Auspost website.... Looking at $90 AUD for 3-4 day international shipping to the States.. 
    Please let us know how it sounds. I have no doubt that it will be worth it.
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