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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. bretemm
    Ok, but, there are "good" quality videos right? Like FLAC? I also looked for "ogg?" And it seemed to have a nicer sound to it (but again yea I could of been listening to a fake)
  2. Tuco1965


    Free Lossless Audio Codec

    There is no lossless audio on Youtube.
  3. madwolfa
    There are good quality videos there, sure. But what you're listening there is a lossy/compressed stream (AAC, I think).
    It's not the actual FLAC format, which is using lossless compression of PCM audio (like stored on CD, etc).
  4. bretemm
    Ok, but with the delta sigma, could that decode it into better quality with what's lacking on YouTube? I have found some pinkfloyd FLAC music on there, it sounded great, I think it actually was HD files
  5. gr8soundz
    Doesn't matter how good the quality was when uploaded to youtube. After uploading, they convert it to lossy for faster streaming (and maybe even copyright; if I could stream and possibly download/save lossless audio from youtube there'd be much less incentive to buy real music).
    Then its simply bad in, bad out. No amount of software/hardware can really change that.
    Only way to get top quality is use your own lossless source (CD to FLAC or higher quality lossless download) or maybe use Tidal's $20 a month plan.
    EDIT: Are you sure you're not confusing youtube's HD VIDEO option with audio?
  6. bretemm
    Thank you, I don't know, I just talked to this one guy who's really into audio and he said that yes there can be fake HD music but there is HD music, but, I'm going to be getting a dedicated marantz for media with coaxial outputs and more for my Bifrost
  7. bigro

    . I have listened to rmoody's Bifrost Uber and Have had My Bifrost MB for over 24 hours..... Uber is extremely good , the MB takes the strengths of the uber to next level.The Soundstage is more open, There is more detail,  Imaging is better and it digs deeper on the low end and  There are little nuances I have not heard in some track before that come out. If you can swing the MB I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. bigro
    If you want to stream use Tidal. If you want too buy music there are some very good websites where you can download hi res music. Also You can use exact audio copy to rip CD's to Flac. I know you are spending some good $$$$ on equipment don't feed it you tube videos. If you really want to realize the full potential of all the gear you have to start with good files. At this point Tidal is the closest thing you will get to streaming high res. Its good but no match for having high quality hi res files that are local to you computer, DAP or Cd's
  9. bretemm
    How about vs the Delta Sigma?
  10. madwolfa
    It's coming tomorrow, we will see. :)
  11. gr8soundz
    I try to buy CDs of my favorites whenever I can. Been using EAC for years. Has come in handy each time I've had to re-rip albums after buying better DAPs with more format support. Plus I'm old school and I like having a hard copy of my music too.
  12. bigro
    I randomly go to the goodwill stores 1-2 dollars each and surprisingly I find a lot of them that barely have a scratch on them.
    Unless I missed something the Uber is Delta Sigma. If you mean the New Bifrost with the 4490 chip nope, I have not head it. I was planning on buying an uber  when I saw for $80 more than the uber I could have an MB I would have kicked my self in the @ss if I did not get the MB. You have an out if you really want the MB.  Schiit has a 15 day return Policy in which I believe they charge a 5% fee if you send a product back. If you want an MB I would email them, Maybe if you Don't open the 4490 the may not charge the 5% if you tell them you want to upgrade to an MB. their Customer service team its outstanding.
    Ha. I did not realize you already pulled the trigger. Welcome to the Club
  13. bretemm
    Thank you, well I can just upgrade it latter with the $250 upgrade
  14. bigro
    I see on the BIMBi thread you have received your schiit.  Seems you Like it. It has the Bifrost Uber look and feel but its like its been aged and refined.
  15. bretemm
    My Bifrost ($399) came in and is setup!
    So far I'm noticing a bigger (space) to my music and not as high pitch in some parts like on the modi.
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