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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. ericr

    Thanks for the info!

    Please keep us posted as things progress (though maybe in the thread referenced by Sheldaze).
  2. bretemm
    Thank you
  3. madwolfa
    Took them one day to upgrade mine. Came in to Schiit on Monday, got the shipping notice today. Expect it to arrive by Thursday already...
  4. bretemm
    Who is the multibit mainly for?
  5. Tuco1965

    I'd say anyone looking for a DAC with a budget in that price range.
  6. bretemm
    Ok, but what about quality of music or type? What does the multibit have over the 4490? Thanks
  7. madwolfa
    I'm not expecting any miracles compared to my old Bifrost (we shall see), but I want to treat myself with some shiny new stuff every now and then and to support the company and people I like.
    StanD likes this.
  8. Tuco1965

    I don't think anyone outside of Schiit could answer that because they are both new.
  9. bretemm
    Haha ok, yea Schiit is great and this is my 4th purchase, I for got new rca cables so I guess I'll have to use the previous Schiit cables untill I find good ones
  10. bretemm
    Ok! Someone told me before that "flac" quality music or HD music can be heard using optical audio off of YouTube? Is that true?
  11. Tuco1965

    Not sure what is meant by that, but there is no flac through Youtube to my knowledge.
  12. madwolfa
    It depends on many factors, including one's hearing.. but arguably the DAC quality wouldn't make a difference on 90% of the music available. Just because how horribly it was recorded to begin with.
  13. Tuco1965

    Yeah bad recordings are like a plague.
  14. bretemm
    Ok, a guy that I talked to who actually has a $10k+ stereo setup said that, I have watched some YouTube videos that went through different types of audio formats and bit rates and I heard a diffrence (unless I was just hearing things)
  15. madwolfa
    YouTube is not the best source for quality audio, since everything uploaded there is getting converted to their own (lossy) codecs.
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