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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. murrays
    It looks like Jason (the Schiit chief) is trying to arrange for the Aussie distributor to handle it.  He said on another forum ...
    "And of course, all existing Bifrosts can be upgraded. The only downside is, like Gungnir, the motherboard needs reprogramming to do the upgrade, so it has to come back to us (or to a service center, currently only in Europe, but we're at least working on Australia."
  2. munce31
    Yes! That couldn't happen soon enough. 
    The upgrade to Multibit is about $100 less than what I paid for my Bifrost Uber. The biggest cost is simply the shipping. I could buy a brand new Bifrost and it would cost approximately the same as my Uber.
  3. schneller
    Great news. Looking forward to reviews.
    Did Schiit gimp the RCA ports like the GMB?
    BMB vs. GMB (RCA only)?
    BMB vs. Audio-GD 19 (10th Anniv)?
    BMB vs. 2Qute?
  4. Tuco1965

  5. notfitforpublic
    I'm REALLLLLY curious to hear what kind of improvement there 4490 provides over the Uber upgrade. The Uber was a fantastic upgrade for the Bifrost. Multibit being the end all be all, whats the 4490 bringing in over the Uber upgrade?
  6. bretemm
    So the new $399 Bifrost option is better then the previous one?
  7. notfitforpublic

    Thats the impression I'm getting. The 4490 is listed as an "Upgrade" on the schitt site:
    "This DAC/Analog upgrade card betters the sonic and measured performance of all previous Bifrosts, including Uber. It incorporates the AKM AK4490 Veritas D/A converter, followed by a sophisticated fully discrete summing and gain stage with no capacitors in the signal path."
    I mean... don't get me wrong... I'll probably bite after a couple of reviews. It's only $70, just kinda curious on a few more details/explanation
  8. murrays

    What does "better" mean for you? It looks the FAQ on the Schiit website explains it all.  http://schiit.com/products/bifrost
  9. bretemm
    Thank you, the previous Bifrost had the upper analog so now it's standard (but actually better?)
  10. StanD
    Everything can't be incredibly better than previously.There are limits. Where does it end? We cannot evolve faster than new models come out. Just say'in.
    It is nice that the standard Bifrost has been jacked up.
  11. d1sturb3d
    Can't afford the gumby,now this bimbo got me interested, want to get my feet wet on r2r
  12. StanD
  13. sheldaze
    Your skepticism is probably a healthy thing. It keeps you happy with the sound you currently hear, and keeps you from emptying your wallet on unnecessary upgrades that make little to no difference in sonic quality. And there will definitely be a limit to how much improvement you can have. How good is your equipment? How much background noise and other distractions do you have in your listening space? I'd almost never be able to hear the sonic improvement when visiting with family, with little kids running around. Do yourself a favor - listen to it at the meets if you have interest, and don't if you have no interest. As I frequently recommend, let your ears do the talking. Go listen to a Yggy, Gumby, and now Bimby [​IMG] 
    Those of us that have heard the sound (and love it) will continue to bring these to the meets and welcome your ears to a listen! There is certainly no need to upgrade today. Now excuse me, because I'm on my way to the Post Office to ship my Bifrost to Schiit for the upgrade to R2R [​IMG] 
  14. StanD
    Enjoy your new toy. By the way, evaluating at a noisy meet or show is as good as doing the same around a wild bunch of kids. Now you can pace around waiting for your new Schiit to arrive, just like waiting at the maternity ward. In the mean time I'll be fleshing out how to market biological upgrades for humans. [​IMG]
  15. sheldaze
    On that note of "pacing around" while waiting for "my precious" to return, at what height do you think a Bifrost, once fully packed in the original shipping box, could survive [​IMG]
    I have just returned from the Post Office, and the question is unfortunately related [​IMG]
    Also, regarding the noisy meet, I've been thinking about that - but I have no good solutions? Has anyone found a general way to host a meet with a quiet room? I recently went to a meet, which was actually part of a larger general audio festival, much like what I'm sure Rocky Mountain Fest is this weekend. The festival I attended was hosted at a hotel, reserved for the entire weekend. The headphone meet was on Sunday, and talk about background noise - there was a guy in the same room with us, literally grinding some object. I could still discern Yggy versus Gumby versus Bamby. But we also tried to do a D-S and R2R comparison on two Gumbys, and the differences weren't notable due to the background noise. Is there a thread with discussions on quiet meets with a HowTo or recommended venues? The HeadFi community truly needs to have a way to do this.
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