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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Flisker
    So... Schiit Bifrost Uber ...
    I let music play for hour just on headphone stand after installation and since it started playing I noticed there was something different even tho I didn't have headphones on my head.
    My audio language skills are poor but I'll try to pass my feelings :)
    I would rate this upgrade as very noticable, absolutely worth 70$ and 60 minutes of work.
    Main things I noticed after 2 hours of listening (with my main rig @ signature):
    - Soundstage got bigger ! Which is awesome for LCD2.2
    - Upper frequency range, I would say from upper mids to highs opened up got more pronounced.
    - Overall resolution went up, not sure it's connected with this but bass is more "refined/controlled" now to my ears.
    If I should sum up shortly how Schiit Bifrost Uber - Schiit Lyr - Audeze LCD2.2 sound ... it would be In-fu***ng-sane .
    So in love with this, I believe I found my endgame setup.
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  2. Tuco1965
    Sounds like you have a great rig!
  3. Flisker
    Really enjoying it :wink: How's HD600 on Lyr if I might ask ? Would like to give them listen someday too. 
  4. Tuco1965
    I think they sound stunning with the Lyr.  Currently running 80s 6N23P Voskhods in it.  Going home in minutes and will be firing up the gear for the evening.  Can't wait!
  5. Flisker
    I have 6N23P's on the was and chance to get HD600 for 180$ ... I might pull the trigger on them after reading this :)
    Btw got some pics to share from my Bifrost action :)
    Ye and ... check how the cap on left board is positioned over screw hole :frowning2:
    Was scared while taking it away and screwing down the board ... guess I'am just a ***** :D
    This was "omg yes, they're in" moment :)
    Hey new Uber one to family :)
  6. madwolfa
    Dat keyboard! I just got myself CM Storm QuickFire Rapid and sooo happy with it!! Took me few months and several returns to find my perfect mech.
  7. Flisker
    I gave this keyboard a shot because it was for sale for only about 60$ new in box without warranty and I'am also absolutely happy, never going back to membrane keyboard :)
  8. Amalz
    I have Bifrost from about 5-4 month and do Bifrost have donwload drive or nothing have? 
    If the Bifrost need download drive where can i donwload the drive 
  9. Byrnie
    Go to "http://schiit.com/products/bifrost" then click the "Downloads" tab. It's also written in the manual that there are drivers to download.
  10. Amalz
  11. ben_r_
    Uh, an HD600 for $180?! You should jump on that. Or tell me where it is and I might!
  12. Flisker
    They're gone already :D missed my chance :) It was local guy.
  13. paladinm
    Hey, guys, I'm using uber'd Bifrost + wa2 right now, is it worth it to spend another $330 to upgrade to Gungnir? (I contacted Schiit, I still can return my uber bifrost), or Gungnir it's just for balanced systems? (I read that they use the same DAC chip, only Gungnir has two of them...and with uber upgrade I got the same analog stage...but I also read that Gungnir is a great DAC...I just don't know if there is any other difference between them --- if I go with single ended amps like wa2)
  14. Byrnie
    Take your time with this hobby as you will enjoy it more.  There's no rush to upgrade.
  15. aamer23
    the uber frost is for one o the best DACs just and save for the YggY
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