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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. paladinm
    Wow... When will that come out? A thread indicates the date to be early 2014, and the price around 1700-1900$
  2. aamer23
    from what i under early 2015 now. they have released the top end amp (Ragy) already and it will take the Schiits a little time to sort out the production and shipping of that i think
    some discussion on this thread 
  3. chasmanian
    just got a Lyr 2.
    need a DAC.
    on the verge of ordering a Bifrost.
    need info.
    have read alot. still requesting if someone would please reply and tell me something about clicks.
    I know the Bifrost clicks when used in optical input mode.
    I understand that it is a mechanical click coming from the chassis.
    how loud is it?
    if its not very loud, I am thinking I might not even really  hear it all that much through the headphones?
    upon interruption of data stream, do the clicks keep going on and on?
    or does it just click once, or a couple times and then stop?
    thanks for any advice.
  4. Th3 KAS
    With optical, it clicks once when the audio stream stops and once when it resumes. If you can handle the sound of a pen clicking, you can handle the Bifrost.
    chasmanian likes this.
  5. chasmanian
    I am so grateful for your reply.
    it is super helpful.
    thank you.
  6. forkliftHIFI
    I just ordered one of these, the über analog USB model.  I'm really hoping it sounds better than my media PC's integrated Realtek ALC 662.  I was using an outboard HDMI audio splitter.  All I could tell for sure was that it had a better SNR but it made annoying pops through my speakers in between output(ie flipping through XBMC menus, or starting a new song).  Had to go back to the integrated sound chip.  
  7. Byrnie
    It will!
  8. forkliftHIFI
    Holy crap it does!!!  [​IMG]  Night and day difference.  I just wonder if I should have got a gungnir instead.  Oh well this is really just to hold me over till the Yggy comes out.  
  9. StanD
    Other than by magic and/or imagination, I don't think it gets any better. Kick back and enjoy the new toy.
  10. kothganesh

    You may never need another DAC ! Try using the Wyrd with it. I did and there's a subtle improvement in SQ, IMO
  11. StanD
    I don't believe that about the Wyrd, although anyone is free to do so, if they wish to. IMO, few if any are having problems with their USB signals that would benefit from such a device. It would not improve FR, soundstage, THD/IM distortion or any such thing. I doubt that the Bifrost USB needs any propping up. The Wyrd doesn't isolate grounds either, however, it is styled nicely to go along with the rest of the Schiit kit.
  12. madwolfa
    Right after Wyrd announce, I was pretty sure there will be reports of "definitely improved SQ" with it, despite Schiit's own claims. Some things never change in this hobby...
  13. Byrnie
    Well it also cleans the USB signal and I know I noticed some subtle details that it brought out in my own rig regardless of the science involved.
  14. madwolfa
    Who needs science anyway. Pfft.
  15. Byrnie
    You could also consider that "hey maybe they are some actual differences" for some people. Regardless of whether you choose to believe it, there's no need to act like that...
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