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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. madwolfa
    Sorry, feel snarky today... Probably snake oil side effects.
  2. Byrnie
    Answer me this then: If I have noise of my USB signal and I use the Wyrd to reduce some of that noise. Wouldn't it be possible that I might be able to hear some subtle details that I couldn't hear before (becuase they were drowned out by the noise that was just removed)? How would that not increase the quality of the sound that I am hearing?
  3. madwolfa
    The only noise possible with USB is a ground loop hum, which Wyrd doesn't address. Also sound skips and clicks, which has nothing to do with instrument separation/soundstage and whatnot.
  4. Byrnie

    So now you're saying you don't believe in "Schiits claims"?

    From their website:

    "Have you ever heard strange noise from your USB DAC? Or have you had it “drop out” after the computer goes to sleep? Or does your computer have trouble recognizing your DAC at all? It could be due to noisy USB power, or USB port power management (very common with Windows 8 and Mac Mavericks.)"
  5. madwolfa

    USB power noise is electrical, it's not directly audible. If severe, it might cause various protocol synchronization issues, errors etc. With USB digital nature, that could translate into audio streaming glitches, skips, pops. Wyrd is addressing that by giving a clean power supply and stable clock. But it doesn't magically improve your bass, soundstage, whatever.
  6. StanD
    If you are not experiencing dropouts,clicks or pops and that kind of related problems then the Wyrd has nothing to offer. Disruptions of the data chain do not affect FR, THD IMD, seperation, soundstage or the like. I'd say use the right tool for the right purpose, the Wyrd has a specific use that I would think few of us need. That said if one really wants a Wyrd, who am I to stop them? Probably won't hurt any and I'm sure that the boys at Schiit would appreciate the extra sales.[​IMG]
  7. Byrnie
    Well I only mentioned detail retrieval and it's very subtle at that. Well regardless I stand by what I heard. I'll just agree to disagree then.
  8. Nirvanaphonic
    Perhaps this is a bit off-topic, but has Schiit decided to fix the super high brightness levels with the LED on the front of the Bifrost yet? It is especially annoying when you have your gear in the same room you sleep in 
  9. Byrnie
    Why not just put some translucent tape over it?
  10. Nirvanaphonic
    I will when I buy my Bifrost if they still havnt fixed the problem. Having a customer "fix" a problem is not the way to stay in business. People have complained about this particular issue. It is just not right for us to have to do certain things to cut the brightness down. They need to dial back their voltage a bit. I suppose I could add a resistor, but this is something I feel the company should be doing 
  11. genclaymore
    Why when the problem can be easy fixed with the tape that was mention, no need to do any hardware mods to the led. The led doesn't bother me but if it did, I would just place the kind of tape that was already mentioned.
  12. Nirvanaphonic
    Once again, if there is a problem with a product, the developers/manufactures need to solve the problem at the source. Things like this should not fall on us, the consumers, to fix ourselves. I have seen so many reviews, threads, and posts as well as my own experience all critical of the LED brightness. I am surprised Schiit has not solved this at the source 
  13. StanD
    If they dimmed the LED someone else might say that it's too dim during the say when a room light is on or sunlight enters through windows. It is possible that one person's fix is another's break. For me, the LED's fine as is.
  14. Byrnie
    its not that bright anyway. I own 4 Schiit products and the LEDs don't bother me at all.
  15. Nirvanaphonic
    This makes me wonder if their newer ones have dimmer LEDs
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