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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. aamer23
    do you have details for the AS Media USB drivers please not sure which one to try
  2. .Sup
    Try a short 20cm usb cable.
  3. StanD
    I thought that Schiit has only one USB driver that you can download from their site.
  4. aamer23
    Yep. the schiit website only has one usb driver from C media. that i what i am using for Loki and Bifrost.
  5. StanD
    OK, I thought you asked, "not sure which one to try." I'm using it with my Bifrost, works like a charm for me.
  6. aamer23
    the issue with the Driver was with the Loki and someone said was use the AS Media driver instead, when i looked i found to many downloads and was not sure which one was correct.
    what happened was once the Bifrost and Loki were connected and working i had to completely disconnect the PC from the power, and when powered up some 24 hours later. Bifrost was working fine on its own but not through the Loki passive pass through and the Loki was only working through one speaker. the way in which I made the correction was to separate Bifrost and Loki. both DACs now working through each of the 2 channels i have on the amp. I will reconnect them again to see if I can get it the PCM passive pass through to work 
  7. grizzlybeast
    I have a couple of questions I would like to ask if someone can help me out
    1. What the freak is a bifrost revision e and should someone charge more for it in a FS add because they have that version.
    2. What can I expect in SQ when buying the bifrost uber gen 2 usb or skipping it and just buying the bifrost uber and using the optical spdif
    Help very much appreciated there. 
  8. ben_r_

    1. No idea, but I wouldnt pay more for it.
    2. Read this thread. That is specifically what this thread answers.
  9. grizzlybeast
    thx.. I hop around on here so much that I skip a lot of info that could have been covered. my bad!
  10. Byrnie

    I'm sure we all do that from time to time.
  11. swspiers


    Say it isn't so!
  12. Billheiser

    The "revision" would be the Uber upgrade to the stock Bifrost. So yes, it should cost more because it does cost more.
    There will be no real difference in SQ between the different types of digital inputs (USB, optical, coaxial). Pick your inputs according to what you have to output.
    If you don't currently need USB on the Bifrost, skip it to save some $. You can add it on later if you want.
    grizzlybeast likes this.
  13. grizzlybeast
    Right but in principal

    A used like new bifrost uber gen2 USB (519)

    A used revision e bifrost uber gen2 USB (?)

    Should have the same trade value right? Someone shouldn't ask more because they say it's revision e which you are saying is an upgrade to the stock one. I mean freak they will sound the same except one had to be sent in for an upgrade and the other was purchased fully upgraded. Just think someone is bull rapping me that's all.
  14. Billheiser
    Using the usual meaning of the term "revision", there has been no revision of the Bifrost EXCEPT the availability of the USB "Generation 2" input board, and the availability of the "Uber" analog stage.  The Bifrost is excellent with or without those, and get those options if you need or want them.
    Looks to me like the 2 units you list above are the same.  Different sellers may have different prices or definitions of "used", so the sellers will not have uniform prices.
    You can send Schiit an email to ask if "revision e" has any actual specific meaning.
  15. kothganesh

    To my knowledge, there are no revisions, only upgrades. A used-like new probably means that Bifrost is the same as what one could get from Schiit now. The other one could mean it was an older Bifrost to which a card/USB was added later. My own interpretation obviously
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