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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. grizzlybeast
    what I figured... thanks.
  2. TeskR
    Hey guys does anyone know if it is safe to shoot Dolby surround digital signal down the optical input, into the bifrost then out too the lyr?

    I'm asking because I have a soundcard with optical out that has Dolby capabilities that comes in handy for positional audio in FPS games. I can toggle the Dolby on and off from the sound cards UI and would like to toggle it on when I am playing CSGO etc.
  3. madwolfa
    It is safe, but nothing will happen - Bifrost wouldn't lock to that (bit stream) signal, since it only accepts PCM.
  4. swspiers

  5. TeskR
    The Dolby surround has an option for it to be PCM
  6. madwolfa
    The only way to get PCM from Dolby Digital is to decode it and downmix to 2 channels. This is what your sound card will be doing (if you enable that option).
  7. TeskR
    Alright thanks, its not very necessary I guess I will just give it a try when I get one :)
    Cheers for the info.
  8. matbhuvi
    Wyrd does what it does. Purifies the current drawn by USB DAC. My Geek out DAC draws high current and probably doesn't have galvanic isolation to draw high current from usb. Putting Wyrd in between gives good texture to bass and the entire midrange seems less grainy. Overall, my Geek OUT is as musical as my Audio GD 10ES. I am hardly finding difference between the two ES9018 using DACs. Wyrd is connected to my windows PC which has Enermax modular power supply. And yes, i do have tons of items connected to my PC's usb ports. So, Wyrd is a great solution for me.
  9. JerseyD
    Hope this is not against forum etiquette, but just posted one my two Bifrost Ubers for sale (here).  Three months old; perfect; no USB.  Thanks for looking if you are in the market.
  10. Dill
    Just got my Uber USB Bifrost. Driver download was NO problem as long as you use a genuine USB 2.0 port - it WONT work on my USB 3.0 ports! If you are using JRiver 19 or the newly released 20 these are the verified settings you need to use.    
    Settings for JRiver MC 19/20 - thanks to another forum member!!!
    In JRiver MC19/20, go to Tools->Options->Audio and the first line, Audio Device, select:

    ASIO for C-Media USB Device

    On the second line, click Device Settings and:

    Make sure that "Use Large Hardware Buffers..." is not checked.
    Make sure that "Device uses only most..." is not checked.

    Under Buffering, in the drop-down, select:

    Minimum Hardware Size

    Click on Open Driver Panel, and there are two settings:

    Bit-depth should be   32/32 bits
    Latency should be     4 ms   (if you hear any pops or noise, increase this setting to the next level and try again, but 4 ms  seems sufficient so far)

    On the third line,  DSP & Output Format:

    Sample Rate ->  every line should be "No Change" except for the last line "Greater than 192..." should be set to 176,400 hz .   Do not up-sample any sample rate - the DAC is specifically designed to provide optimum sound quality by not changing the sample rate. 
    Hope that helps any of you in trouble with this set up.
  11. Byrnie
    Oh cool, I will check my own settings when I pick up Jriver tonight.
  12. Dill
    DSD... 24/192...any resolution.All sound fabulous thru JRiver 20> Bifrost Uber USB> Asgard 2. I'm also using the Graham Slee Lautus USB cable from my silent PC into an Ifi IPurifier into the Bifrost - gives me a totally clean background for the Schiit to works its magic.

    There is no discernible difference in sound quality between any ofvthe Bifrost inputs.
  13. Tuco1965
    The settings mentioned above for JRiver should be considered possible starting points.  The pc hardware you are using can make a difference on what will be optimal for you.  It really takes some time to experiment with your own setup.
  14. Dill

  15. Flisker
    Hey guys wanted to let you know ...
    I just finished successfully the upgrade of my Bifrost to Bifrost Uber, took me 60 minutes and as others mentioned, aligning the LED's is the true challenging part of this upgrade + I was bit scared about moving capacitor away while screwing down one of two screws on the new upgraded board .
    Also I got to point where I was nearly going to give up on LED aligning and go with "who cares about LED's anyway" :D
    Will post some pictures and feelings about sound later :)
    Byrnie likes this.
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