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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. yblad

    I know, and that would have been done long ago if it were possible. It is not an audio device, it is it's own designated device class which is not and cannot be recognised by windows as a sound device.

    As I just said I'm a computer expert. I have been building and repairing computers for some 15 years and I programme simulations for supercomputers. If it were that easy I would have done it :p there may be a way I could find after a great many hours but there's a good chance at the end of it there would still be no way of doing it, and to be honest it wouldn't be worth the time anyway. The usb audio is good enough that the source errors are much worse, as I only use the usb mode for streaming via youtube (low rate lossy compression) or watching TV (both low rate lossy and it's just tv). And the asynch solution in the bifrost is actually pretty good.

    Trust me when I say there is no simple solution to the problem. There is no way to bypass the usb and use spdif all the time, which is why I spent the money to get the usb option.

    Thanks for trying though :)

    EDIT: On a 2nd reading what i said came across to me a little brash. I wasn't shooting you down, I was just trying to make sure people don't waste thier time to suggest simple fixes I will have already thought of and tried. My apologies if it comes across any other way, I appreciate your attempt to help.
  2. yblad
    Not yet but I will do. To be honest with you I very much doubt it's the bifrost being faulty. I'm making the assumption it's a driver issue or something with the usb port going. I was just hoping maybe someone else has had the problem and it's not me needed to replace my motherboard. The power management is going, it's already made two sub systems not operate properly.

    EDIT: my phone screwed that up. That was in response to "have you tried it is different computer"
  3. gefski
    Have you downloaded the Schiit USB drivers for Windows?
  4. yblad

    Without the drivers there would have been no sound at any point, it's impossible for such a device to operate without a custom driver package.

    I'm starting to feel like tattooing the words "computer expert" on my head.
  5. Byrnie
    The taxman brought me gifts... I am impatiently awaiting my UberFrost
  6. Tuco1965
    Don't wear out your F5 key now!  [​IMG]
  7. StanD
    After this your going to have to fund your next purchase by way of a tin cup.
  8. Byrnie
    Lol yea the '5' is starting to rub [​IMG] 
    No joke hah!
  9. Byrnie
    So I just got my Bifrost Uber USB and plugged it into my Asgard 2:
    Well now my poorly recorded mp3s sound worse but my good MP3/FLAC files sound even better than before!  Overall I really like the added depth to my music.  It's really a noticeable improvement maybe not a drastic improvement though.  I loaded up some Battlefield 4 and that sounded quite nice but I did notice some clipping and eventually no sound for a few second I'm not sure if it's the game setting or something to do with the driver.  I'm only encountering it in Battlefield 4 which would lead me to believe it's just the game (I didn't try any other games yet).  I can troubleshoot this later on (I don't game much anymore anyway).  I didn't notice any changes in the anime I watching but I was streaming it through a fansub site so I'm not surprised there given the low quality and such.  I watched a movie off of Netflix and the soundstage did seem larger.  Just an FYI but I did all my listening off my 1540's.
  10. Rudiger
    Those who speak of huuuuge improvement with the Bifrost Uber, have they a correct CD player ? Because for me there is almost no difference between
    Nad C515 BEE (300 $) => Nad C356 BEE => HE-500
    Nad C515 BEE => Bifrost Uber => Nad C356 BEE => HE-500
    I even say that I slightly prefer the first solution, but it is very small difference.
  11. Radioking59

    I'm guessing not many around here use a CD player. It's such a PITA. I wouldn't go back to disc playback if someone paid me to.
  12. HPiper
    Well I have an SACD player and I kind of agree. I had to go through 4 different players but I did eventually find one that sounds as good as my dac. Have to say that the fact that it took me so much trouble speaks to the fact that in general, the Bifrost is going to sound better than..say 90% of the cd players you could find. Some of it is sound preference too. I have one SACD player that does bass just SO good, I still listen to it from time to time but at the same time I know it is missing just a bit on detail retrieval and instrument tone. One thing I have learned since getting involved in this hobby years ago is this, you really DO have to listen to a LOT of equipment before you can train your ear to hear the differences between them. Then it is just a matter of picking what YOU like. I mean if you like it, really, does anything else really matter.
  13. roguegeek
    It's the game. This latest update introduced some sound issues on certain maps. As for your music, no better time than now to start replacing all of those MP3s with lossless!
  14. yblad

    Yep, welcome to the hifi problem! The better your equipment the more you hear all the tiny imperfections. A perfect track is flawless, but if you have something less than perfect those flaws will punch you in the face.
    I'm currently going through a cd and hdtracks buying spree to replace a lot of old copies of things. Those mp3 downloads from my foolish pre-hifi youth are almost worthless to me at this point. Well, with the exception of a few rare recordings. Plus 90% of my mp3 library is illiegal copies from when I was a teenager and I hadn't the money to spend, and I'm gradually buying the stuff I downloaded back then as much to support the artists as to improve the quality. Life got a lot more expensive the day I decided I don't agree with music piracy and that I need high quality formats [​IMG] 
  15. Byrnie
    Yea I'm doing the same with some of my 192kbps and lower mp3s.  I don't notice a difference in my 256kbps recordings (not yet at least lol).
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