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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. Byrnie
    I don't notice a difference with lossless but I have considering at least converting my albums to FLAC.  I figure if it's something I will listen to a lot and the whole album is good that I might as well.  Thanks for the info about BF4, I was playing Operation Locker and noticed it.
  2. yblad

    Personally I have all my CD collection in FLAC format now. With modern hard drive and sd card sizes there's not much need for lossy compression anymore :)
  3. ben_r_

    Yep, my CD converted to FLAC library at this date now boasts over 12,000 songs and the whole things is still less than 250GB. IMO its a none issue having all my music in FLAC format.
  4. roguegeek
    One of the most significant cans I have bought has been my SRH940. They are brutally honest and hide no errors in the mastering or encoding process. This required me to up my game with my stored content. Have spent the last year attempting to take my current library of 17k songs of MP3/AACs and finally re-source or re-rip them to ALAC.
    How does this pertain to this thread? It's nice when you address the weakest link in your workflow and put the bottleneck or constraint on another factor. Sounds like moving to the Bifrost Uber has done that for several people.
  5. Byrnie
    Yea I'll probably start with my favorite CDs and then go from there to other CDs of mine 
  6. HPiper

    As long as you are ripping cd to flac you are ok, but when you start downloading 24/96 or worse yet 24/192 albums that HD space goes away VERY quickly!
  7. RebelRising
    Could you explain what you mean by that? 
  8. Snips
    I believe that 24/96 and 24/192 files take up a lot of space.
  9. ben_r_

    And they do!
  10. RebelRising
    OH! D'oh....I thought you meant HD as in "High Definition" space....I had no idea what that meant. Damn TV commercials. Hard drives, of course....
  11. StanD
    Lucky for you HDD's got much larger in recent years.
  12. ben_r_
    HD is High Definition, HDD is Hard Disk Drive, and SSD is Solid State Drive. HPiper just misused or mistyped the acronym.
  13. roguegeek
    Alright, I'm not happy. Was listening to some music last night when the sound started cutting in and out. Through testing all equipment in my line, I found it was the Bifrost Uber that was doing it. Now, the sound is almost completely gone. I will start a song and at some point, it will cut in and out until the sound goes out completely. I've found turning it off and on doesn't work nor does switching between the different inputs. What will work is unplugging and re-plugging in the USB cable on the DAC will bring the sound back, but then it will go again after a little bit of time. I suppose I will have to use the Modi for the time being which is a real drag.
    The DAC is three weeks old, so you can imagine I'm pretty disappointed right now. Anyone else experienced this?
  14. Tuco1965
    Is this fed by pc or mac?  Just curious if drivers on a pc may be an issue if you use one.
  15. ben_r_
    Hell maybe the USB card in the Bifrost is bad. It IS a separate add-on card after all. How many computers have you tried it on and does the problem follow to those?
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