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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. fenderf4i

    Insert the circuit board into the main silver enclosure first, THEN slide the dark grey piece in over it. The LED's will be lined up perfect, and it's a piece of cake.
  2. dc-k
    My plan is to reopen once I have the USB board. I don't think it's worth an opening on it's own, but the USB is on its way...
  3. fenderf4i
    Absolutely. Just do it that way, and you'll be aces!!
  4. StanD
    Don't be a chicken duck, go for it. [​IMG]
  5. dc-k
  6. yblad
    Some 100hours in, I absolutely love my uberfrost.
    One issue i'm having, my pc often has trouble finding the usb connection. I use the spdif input for most things, but for youtube and tv etc my spdif converter doesn't work. Has anyone else had trouble with windows not realising it is connected?
  7. dc-k
    do you use the same physical port all the time?
  8. dc-k
    also, I never have difficulty with spdif and youtube...
  9. yblad
    It doesn't make any difference what i do regarding port selection sadly. It can't be my ports being faulty as my other stuff works fine. It's getting a it annoying having to keep fighting with it.
    It's not native spdif, it's from a converter. The converter only operates in kernal sound/waspi/asio and so requires a player or some other thing which can bypass the windows driver layers. So i'm stuck with usb for any non-player tasks
  10. dc-k
    I only asked about ports because my laptop sometimes behaves oddly if I put things in different ports...
    I only use my bifrost via spdif, but I am getting the usb card shortly...
    Hope you get some more helpful ideas...
  11. yblad

    Thanks for trying :)
  12. dc-k
    no problem, last stab, have you tried the following:
    disabling and re enabling the usb ports through control panel device manager? Sometimes that does the trick
    checking you have the latest usb drivers for your system?
    I had a brief problem with my spdif and StanD made some very helpful suggestions here http://www.head-fi.org/t/661444/schiit-bifrost-uber-analog-upgrade/615#post_10262758 which sorted it out for me, so it may be worth having a go...
  13. yblad

    Already given that a go, but thank you. If there's a a windows based solution I've probably tried it, I'm a fairly advanced computer expert. That's why I ended up postign asking about it, i've done all the normal things to try.
    It could be the physical port having issues, the motherboard on this laptop is getting old and glitchy. It wouldn't be the first component to go a bit funny. I just wanted to find out first if anyone else has had a problem to make sure it isn't something else first.
    That said, it only effectiing one device would e very wierd
  14. ben_r_
    Just out of cusiousity have you tried the Bifrost on another computer and does it exhibit the same issue?
    And also, what "converter are you using"?
  15. kstuart
    Which Windows ?
    You should be able to set your Windows Default Audio to any input, regardless if it is WASAPI, ASIO or Kernel, in Start->Control Panel->Sounds->Playback.
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