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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    21kHz,dang you must hang upside down and Schiit on the floor of caves. [​IMG] A little Bat humor.
    I used to be able to make it to 20 kHz when I was young, nowadays I can still hear just over 17 kHz which is probably much more than I should at my age.
    IMO to a large extent, there's a lot of imaginative claims about what they can discern about sample rates and resolutions best fitted for lab equipment. For now, I'll leave it alone. Till someone starts up again.[​IMG]
  2. dc-k
    Yes, and really enjoying the Uber. I also bought the USB board, so I'll have more options if there's an underlying problem on the optical front...
  3. StanD
    In the meantime Amazon keeps having problems getting me my Bifrost. Each time they give me a gift reward that I can only redeem for limited merchandise. At this rate, any more and I'm going to insist on shares of preferred stock.
  4. swspiers
    Anyway, this is why I bought direct from Schiit.  Of couse, the massive ice storm has really delayed things, and I'm not sure if I will get it today or tomorrow.
  5. StanD
    Same weather same FedEx same problems for me. I'll have to be patient, I have no other choice.
  6. swspiers
    Just got the update that my delivery is due tomorrow. I guess one more day won't hurt.
  7. StanD
    Lucky you. [​IMG]
    Mine was ordered on Feb 11th and now will be delivered on Monday the 17th. Waiting is not easy [​IMG] It was originally supposed to be here today.
  8. Tuco1965
    So do you have a playlist ready?
  9. StanD
    Many. [​IMG] Patience, not so much. Choices, only one, wait.
  10. kstuart
    The people who documented the burn-in on the Bifrost, actually did not listen to it during the burn-in, in order to remove "brain burn-in" as a possibility:
    Since Schiit agrees that the Teflon capacitors need to be burned in (and they do so with their prototypes), why is it the subject of ridicule ?   Simple chemical change due to application of heat.
  11. StanD
    What property of the capacitor changes with burn in?
  12. ben_r_

    Oh boy.... Here we go...
  13. swspiers

    Oh man, you think my response was ridicule.  It really wasn't.  My degree is in psychology, and I tend to think in those terms, not engineering terms.  I have a healthy respect for the many areas of the brain involved in the processing of music and sound.
    At the same time, I don't find that electrical burn-in and brain burn-in are mutually exclusive, either-or, binary concepts.  It is most likely a continuum.
  14. StanD
    Then you are familiar with the term "FPP" manifesting in a dissociation of capacitance. It is related to transistors having a bipolar disorder related to a musical composition known as a fugue. Bach was known for his fugues. [​IMG]
  15. dc-k
    A few days in to uber land and I'm very impressed by the improvement in clarity, which seems to my ears more significant on my Sig Pros than on the LCD-2s. 
    I reread the early bit of the thread as, like many, I've not aligned the LEDs well. I'll try again when I fit the USB card...
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