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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. bearFNF Contributor
    It depends on how old the phone is, you need iOS 11 to use 1.4 roon, from what I understand. But yes it would work as you describe if you phone is new enough.

    Edit: LOL got ninjaed again. I need to learn how to type faster on my phone. :D
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
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  2. Vicks7
    HI all, I am debating switching to Roon from JRiver for my Windows based server, a Baetis Audio. But I have seen some threads say that they are not that impressed with Roon on pure SQ terms. What are people finding and has anyone switched from JRiver to Roon recently? I heard that using the HQ Player with Roon can also help. I would like to make the switch as understand Roon is a much better interface with Tidal which I am finally thinking of subscribing to. You would have also thought for life membership you could download Roon to a few machines. I would also like to use it on Macbook Pro for my office headphone rig but from what I understand the price only includes one machine.
  3. Whazzzup
    I have set up two cores with roon. My antipodes is the main core but my iMac is back up core, external servers are far better but. Concerning J river who knows but I have roon and am tickled by the prospect of lifetime membership.
  4. joseph69
    I switched from JRiver to Roon + Tidal Hi-Fi about 6 months ago (annual subscription for now) via MacBook Pro and I have no issues with the SQ, nor did I have any issues with the SQ from JRiver. Roon sounds more relaxed/smoother too me, whereas JRiver sounds slightly aggressive, which I'm not saying is a bad thing, depending on which you prefer for certain Genre. I did find that JRiver wasn't too stable, though. As soon as I wanted to search/add more tracks while in the middle of listening, JRiver wasn't very stable and would freeze up and I'd have to re-boot in the middle of listening. I also found JRiver had some serious issues playing DSD, not that I have much DSD files, but still. I basically had to start playing tracks and leave the UI alone. Roons UI is extremely user friendly and consistently reliable, never once did I have to re-boot, and I can use the interface quickly and easily as much as I want without any issues. This being said, I might buy a lifetime subscription, but I'm just hesitant knowing how quickly things change and something different may come along that I might prefer, so I'll wait just a a little while longer.
  5. bearFNF Contributor
    I think it may help to look at it this way.

    You are buying one Roon Server/Core “license”. The software can be installed on as many machines as you want. However, you can only use one Server/Core at a time. The other machines on the network would then be remotes to control that one server/Core. At least one Server/Core needs to be running on the network to use Roon.

    In some people’s cases, they have a server/Core at home and a server/Core at work. They can do this because you can de-authorize the core at home when you are at work and then de-authorize the core at work when you are at home. It is important to remember that in this case there are two database files one for the work server and one for the home server. Also the home server would be unavailable while the work server is being used and vis versa. So if you had family members at home that wanted to use Roon then couldn’t while you were using it at work. There is also no limit to the number of times you can authorize and de-authorize the server/Core.

    Hope this did not confuse you more.

    I also used JRiver and foobar2000 and did not notice much of a SQ difference. One of the biggest draws for me was the discovery of new music using Roon.
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  6. Vicks7
    thanks very much - this is a really helpful explanation.
  7. canthearyou
    Using trial right now. So far so good. I am converting ripped FLAC and PCM from NAS and Tidal to DSD. All works seamlessly and fast. I also use Airplay to Denon receiver and Roon remote. That all works perfectly. I am very pleased with my time so far with Room. Now to decide if it's worth the $$.

    Maybe someone can explain how it sees the MQA from tidal and shows it's max bit rate, yet it only outputs 44.1 or 48Khz?
  8. Chikolad
    What Roon currently outputs is the "unfolded" MQA file. So 44.1 for all max sampling rates that are multiples of 44.1 and the same for 48.
    It has already been announced that Roon will be performing the "first unfold", i.e up to 96Khz like the Tidal app, at least. This has been in deliberation between Roon and MQA (the company) for ages, because Roon wanted to provide a more holistic solution (my guess is it has to do with the DSP that Roon provides, which would normally interfere with the subsequent processing by MQA enabled DACs. But not exactly sure about that).
    So this is currently in development.
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  9. canthearyou
    Thanks for the explanation!
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  10. Pokersound
    Hi friends. Is there an oficial thread for roon?
  11. Mediahound
    I think you're in it. :)
  12. Chikolad
    Isn't this the one?
    If you have questions about using Roon the best place would be the community forums in the Roon website. Very very active.
  13. Pokersound
    Hi friends.

    Thank you.

    I tried to install in my old laptop HP Pavilion dm4 and is not possible because an OpenGL 3.0 problem.

    I'm not good with computer. Could you help me?

    I,m plnning to buy a new laptop, Which one do you think have have good characteristics to instal Roon?

  14. Chikolad
    Maybe the folks at the community forum will be able to solve your OpenGL problem?
    For the core machine, it depends on the size of your library. For a couple thousand albums any fairly recent computer would do, but they always recommend a relatively strong one for the best performance. The audio duties themselves hardly require any power. It's managing the databases that's resource consuming. So if you don't mind waiting a few seconds to power up the core you don't need a monster hardware. For the absolute best performance, SSD drive. I don't use one and I'm doing fine with a 1600 album library.
    For people who don't like to deal with computers they sell Intel NUC mini computers that already come with a thin OS that's only running Roon. Maybe you should look into that.
  15. bearFNF Contributor
    DSP can take up a lot of resources, depending on your settings.
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