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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. Whazzzup
    we don't speak of iTunes, although thats where i buy my tunes then copy and drop them on my antipode. And no iOS won't play flac, dsd....
  2. Mediahound
    I don’t recommend that. :wink: it’s not even lossless. Buy the CD instead and rip aiff files. That’s what I do mostly.
  3. Mediahound
    Only other negative to the iOS app is no eq feature as of yet.
  4. Whazzzup
    meh don't notice any differences and at half the price... then i drop it on my antipodes it converts it to flac then roon does its thang, floating point whatevers, spectacular sound.
    Now i have dropped monster flac or dsd files and can't say if its the master or if i can tell difference.
    antipodes and roon core bliss..
  5. Byronb
    Bliss is what it is all about. I don't know if I can hear the difference or not, but knowing my music isn't lossless would have we wondering what I was missing.
  6. donato
    You can certainly copy over higher res files to an IOS device, probably just not through itunes music. I use the Onkyo HF player and use itunes to transfer up to 192/24 flac files.
  7. winders
    See, it's cooler than you initially thought!
  8. donato
    I'm a n00b with Roon, but that was the easiest update of just about any software. Of course, now my IOS devices won't connect to my core now, so I have to figure that out. I had to specify the IP address manually anyway since my WAPs (eero) is configured in NAT mode and it's not passing on the discovery packets, but even that does seem to be working.
  9. Mediahound
    Not sure where you got the impression that I thought it wasn’t cool. In fact I even stated it was cool...What?
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  10. Mediahound
    Semi related question- do you use/recommend up-sampling mode in the Onkyo app?
  11. donato
    I don't really have a recommendation. I am using upsampling if only because it's the default setting. The only DAC I pair my iphone with is the cipher cable with my isine10 or 20. Otherwise, I'm normally using the internal apple DAC. So, it might make a bigger difference with other DACs.
    Mediahound likes this.
  12. Ekul61
    Does Roon play mqa files from tidal
  13. Mediahound
  14. Malmbak
    So I've been thinking about trying Roon and probably will soon. A couple of questions, and please bear with me:

    Does the new 1.4 where you can use an iphone as an endpoint mean that I can connect my Mojo to a pair of active speakers and connect an oldish iphone to the Mojo and then use my new iphone as a remote and stream wireless Tidal, iphone to iphone? My Roon Core would be an Asus PC.

    And does this make the Poly (for arguments sake let's assume the Poly is everything it promises to be after the coming updates and app release) slightly redundant for streaming Tidal at home to active speakers?

    Hope that makes sense...
  15. fordski
    I'm assuming you're running Roon on a PC or server. In the scenario you mentioned Tidal would be streaming directly from your Roon application on your PC to your oldish iPhone then trough mojo to your active speakers. Your new iPhone would only be functioning as a remote control and nothing would be "streaming" thought it. The oldish iPhone must be capable of running Roon and iOS 11 of course as this is the minimum requirement for to run iPhone as a Roon endpoint.
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