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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. bearFNF Contributor
    Headfonia did a QnA with roon and they put a Trial extension code at the end of the article.
  2. purehifi192
    I've decided to take the plunge w/ Roon and am interested in a lifetime membership. Any current members interested in sponsoring the membership at the discounted rate as I work to get more people to join me?
  3. timeslip
    What do you think the rate will be? I may be interested
  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    Do you have a link to what is being suggested?
  5. lcasadonte
    I'm probably self validating my purchase but I went for the lifetime sub a couple of weeks ago. You can only use it in one location but it seems you can activate and deactivate unlimited times so I can go from my boat to my home and use roon in both locations right now. What initially sold my on roon was roon's ability to add tags and allow me to select those tags and play my library. For instance I might tag a song jazz but roon adds instrumental, piano, ... and you can select a more narrow genre and play a dynamic playlist. Roon also showed you duplicate songs and automatically selects the highest quality as the primary song to play back. The discovery and news feed like functions were just gravy for me on top. Roon truly has given me an ability to interact with my music library in ways I could not before, discovering/rediscovering content I already have. Highly worth the look but not cheap. There are also no other music servers out there that come close to the functionality of roon.
  6. purehifi192
    What ultimately got me over the hump is that I'm on a Mac and, in my opinion, there are no great FLAC library managers. I'm specifically looking for something smart enough to use the original album release year versus the media issue year. I know since I'm using MusicBrainz Picard to do the matching that I can change thing, but I don't want to edit the information. I don't even know if Roon handles this correctly, but I know that Roon makes it so that it doesn't matter. I do wish they supported Deezer in addition to Tidal.

    I don't have any details on what the subscription would look like through a current sponsor. I've seen a pack of 3 for 10% off but believe Roon has had some other offers out there as well (maybe I'm wrong here). Maybe with the Holiday season, they offer some additional discounts. No idea.
  7. joseph69
    You can choose either Roon or the original file to show content...If that's what you mean.
  8. purehifi192
    I don't trust most of my tags thanks to iTunes match over the years. Working on re-ripping everything FLAC with proper metadata, but that won't be for my total collection unfortunately. Would love to have Roon respect my FLAC tags but use their info for my non-FLAC files. Very specific use case though so not holding my breath that this will happen.
  9. bearFNF Contributor
    You can make Roon use your metadata from your files. You just use "focus" to show all your locally stored files and then select them all and set the preferences in the album editor.
  10. purehifi192
    Awesome. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Mediahound
    My video review is up:

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  12. redrich2000
    I'm currently trialling Roon. I certainly like it more than Amarra, but it's very expensive. I've got a couple of questions... the alternative for me would be to use iTunes and Tidal. iTunes would be ALAC files converted from FLAC files using Max, the played using the Bitperfect app when I want to play hi-res. In Tidal I would switch it to DAC exclusive mode when I went hi-res.

    There's definitely a convenience hit with this method because it's not simple to release the DAC from Tidal etc. But SQ advantages does Roon give over this approach?
  13. tme110
    You really don't know what you're getting with iTunes and it airplay lets the end point do whatever it needs to do to make the sound work with out sending feedback to iTunes or the player. The ROON core controls the entire sound path and tells you exactly what's going on with and what it's doing. It wont connect to a end point unless it knows the end point will play the file correctly. Plus, iTunes has wasted weeks of my life screwing up my library over and over, and making multiple (sometimes over 8) copies of each song and I just got tired of it. ROON does not effect or update anything with the original music files and can automatically backup the library file.

    But you can also run a house curve or set up a PEQ to adjust the sound any way you want or need to (I use this to try to get rid of the bright harshness of poorly recorded rock/pop music. It can run convolution files to provide sound correction, adjust for different speaker differences, has multiple filters etc etc. If you have Audeze headphones, it has built in DSP settings to match each model. And they are always coming out with more options which you get for free. And now that the Oppo 20x is ROON ready, I felt like I got a free $200 upgrade.
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  14. tme110
    I've made some updates and can now upsample everything in ROON to DSD512 (or 32/764) so I'm testing that out. I think it's a pretty cool capability to be able to play with.
  15. alpovs
    Anyone remembers if Roon had Black Friday deals on lifetime memberships in the previous years? Any hope for this Black Friday?
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