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Roon is live

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by 7ryder, May 13, 2015.
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  1. joseph69
    Here is a quote from the Roon Community forum regarding my question: "How do I know if Tidal is playing in "Hi-Fi" mode?"

    brianBrian LuczkiewiczRoon Labs: CTO
    May '15
    "Roon queries your Tidal account for the highest-quality format you are allowed to stream, and then requests streams in that format. Sometimes, Tidal delivers a lower quality stream than what we requested."

    Thank you for your reply!

  2. fordski
    Thanks for that info. How are you enjoying your Roon experience so far?
  3. joseph69
    You're welcome.
    This is actually my 3rd night listening to Roon. This time I'm listening to Roon + Tidal and discovering new music, which is priceless. Roons SQ and UI is exceptional, and the Tidal intergration seems to be working seamlessly so far as well! I can see myself purchasing both when my trial expires.
  4. joseph69
    You're right about the Tidal + my library integration being very nice, I don't mind it at all. I added 2 albums to my library and I especially like that I can edit the Tidal albums as well.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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  5. fordski
    You're right about the integration, I find I've gotten to the point where I hardly distinguish between Tidal and my local library except when seeking out a special album. And since have having Roon/Tidal I've only purchased a few Hd Tracks albums. Although since retiring and moving south I do miss those Sunday trips to the used vinyl stores!
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  6. Whazzzup
    I want a music visualizer while playing roon on a external music server, i hear that g force may work, any experience and how since a mic is not possible.
  7. bearFNF Contributor
    So, I jumped intp Roon with both feet. I am now waiting for my NUC to load ROCK...
    Also made a hifiberry PI to serve it up to the living room.
    Coming form a variety of other players/libraries Jriver foobar etc.

    Loving finding new music... the radio function is great also.

    Only issue I have been having is Tidal drops out every so often. Think this is my internet??
  8. joseph69
    This afternoon I just purchased an annual subscription for Roon +3months of Tidal free. Tidal has also dropped out and proceeded to the next track about 3x on me as well, which is why I didn't purchase an annual subscription for it as of yet.
  9. Audio Addict Contributor
    Congratulations!!! I have not looked back.
    I did try to get a transferable license but that did not fly. I said with a lifetime license, it seems fitting given I could be 16 vs. 61 and have 45 more years of use :)
  10. joseph69
    Thank you! :beerchug:
  11. bearFNF Contributor
    So got my NUC and m2 SSD, BUT, the memory is delayed...cant do nuthin' till the memory get here... :frowning2:
  12. Whazzzup
    no one running roon core on a server and want a music visualizer on there iMac running roon remote?
  13. Topspin70
    I hear a lot of people are running roon on NUC. My core is on a mac mini, and controlled using Roon app on iPhone. Do you think there's any benefit getting a separate NUC to run roon?
  14. Whazzzup
    I use antipodes audio dsgt server and yes its absolutely worth it. Get it off your iMac.
  15. bearFNF Contributor
    The big benefit for me is that I wont need to start my main computer to play music. With the NUC running ROCK it will always be ready.
    Just have to wait for the amps to warm up for headphone listening or turn on the KEF LS50W.
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