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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. BaTou069
    Can I first flash lurkers version and then rockbox and so have both?
  2. haens
    iirc last RB should be with lurkerz int. v2
  3. Wyd4
    Really looking forward to this new one. Fast boots again :)
    Though this never bothered me to begin with it is a very nice feature.
    I have some albums on my sdthat send rb into a panic so just trying to isolate those so I can see why.
    Other than that really enjoying rockbox. In fact listened to it all day Friday as apposed to the stock firmware.

    One thing though, and @headwhacker this probably isn't your problem. But when using the DX as a DAC in mango, the DX its self would lock up after 5 mins or so, stopping output.
    Not a problem with rockbox it's self but only seems to occur when using duel boot.
    No matter, most of the time I am just listen jng directly.

    Great work on this port. Really enjoying it :)
  4. headwhacker
    No need to do that. My build already includes Lurker's modded FW. You just need to flash the latest RB build and you already have both. :)
  5. headwhacker
    Can you check if this is happening if you just use the stock 2.1.0?
    Lurker's modded FW removed several files and processes which are not essential for playback on Mango. But I'm not sure if that has any effect on USB DAC function. I never used the feature before since I'm using a Mac. I have a Windows XP running inside a vmware but I can't make the USB DAC working on it either. 
  6. Wyd4
    I will roll back stock 2.1 tomorrow when I am back listening on PC :)
    Will let you know
  7. BaTou069
    Great, Thanks.
    Another question:
    when clicking on database and agreeing on the device scanning for files, it gets always stuck at the same number
    Could this be becaus of files it cant read? .dsf or 24bit flac files?
  8. Alphonse
    To [Rockbox_DX90_0_1_2 author, ask a question. ]
    · I found an external output bit rate problem in Rockbox_DX90_0_1_2.
    , Sound emanating from the earphone output or be output in bit rate music files? .
    , Sound is output is displayed as 24bit 44.1Kbps on the LCD screen of the DAC equipment When you connect to the DAC device and corresponds to 24bit 192k in the coaxial output from DX90, can be coaxial output at a bit rate of the music file you have put in DX90 thank you so.
    In addition, it is displayed as 24bit 192k The DAC equipment firmly When you play the music connected to the DAC equipment coaxial connection in the way of mango.
    Bit rate of the music files that are placed in the DX90 is my 24bit 192k.

    Thank you correction.

  9. Migou67
    Nice update with the new dual boot and the latest Mango firmware moded by Lurker0, we have a really great DAP with two amazing player ! Kudos @ headwhacker and Lurker0 [​IMG] 
  10. headwhacker
    flacs files should be supported but not dsf as far as I know.
  11. headwhacker
    Rockbox do not natively support 24-bit files yet. It can play them but down-samples to 16/44.1Khz. You are better off down-sampling your 24bit files using SoX or similar tool and play it natively in Rockbox than let it downsample your 24-bit files.

  12. napka
    CabbieBasso theme for Rockbox on DX90/DX50
    Version 1.0. Based on Cabbie v2++.
    1. Unpack archive
    2. Copy all folders from rockbox folder to rockbox folder on player internal memory
    I can't paste images on this forum yet, you can see what it looks like here.

    Download link.
  13. Negataros
    kinda weird but i cant access the mango player with this update of rockbox
  14. BaTou069
    So is this the reason that the scan gets stuck, or should it just ignore them?
  15. cholero
    Please be more precise. The boot mechanism has changed, the dualboot selector appears only if you leave hold switch "on"
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