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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. BaTou069
    Is it just me? Had Lurkers version flashed before, then I flashed Rockbox and did a Facotry Reset on Mango.Rockbox couldnt scan my SD Card, it just gots stuck at 800 and something songs... and I couldnt find it when browsing files...where is my music? :)
  2. headwhacker
    Should be in /mnt/external_sd
  3. hyper8

    Set your player to scan that folder for building the database
  4. RainHeaven
    Have you considered mapping the lock button to turn off the screen like the iPod Classic or make it an option?
  5. saratoga
    The last step of the DSP engine in rockbox converts from 32 bit to 16 bit.  See sample_output_stereo in lib / rbcodec / dsp / dsp_sample_output.c (assuming you haven't hacked around that).  You'd have to add support for 24 bit there, and then flip the device into 24 bit mode (i'm assuming it can).  
  6. headwhacker

    Thanks, I know I'm close coz my search last night lead me looking at the codes in the rbcodec folder.
  7. goodvibes
    I think 24 bit Rockbox would be very well accepted but I suspect it would be a lot of work to have all the options available. It's the well executed options that make Rockbox so popular. Only one I ever used on my Sansa was dither but I'm
  8. Alphonse
    Thank you modify it so off the head of the song music becomes from 1 second music is not such sound from 0 seconds Rockbox_DX90_0_1_0.
  9. deho
    How about the decreasing performance when browsing the database while listening to a song?
    Did you notice that too and did it also occur in your earlier builds?
  10. headwhacker
    New build ready for download
    Change log
    03/08/2014 - Fixed touchscreen scrolling performance issue when music is playing.
                       - New boot selector switch using the hold switch.
    How to use the new boot selector switch.
    1. Turn off/Shutdown DX90.
    2. Put the hold switch to on position. (Slide the switch up to activate hold)
    3. Reboot
    4. The boot selector screen menu will appear. Choose Mango(DX90’s default player) or Rockbox by touching their icons on the screen. Or you can press the prev (<<) button to select Mango and fwd (>>) button to select Rockbox.
    5. Slide down the hold button to turn it off. It will boot to the same OS without asking on next reboot unless the hold button switch is on.
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  11. headwhacker
    Also usb storage works in Rockbox. But it must be set from Mango USB settings (storage)
  12. deho
    I didn't want to nag, I just wasn't sure if it's a bug or if it's on my side only...
    It's working fine now. I also love the new solution for the bootscreen. Thanks again for the effort. Very much appreciated! [​IMG] 
  13. nmatheis Contributor
    headwhacker: Sweet! Power's out at my house now but will try when it's back :smile:.
  14. headwhacker

    Nice idea, but it will break some themes which displays different information on screen when lock button is on and off like CentreArt. :)
    Workaround is just to set the backlight timer shorter. The option is not accurate as displayed but I set mine at 3 seconds. It works fine imo.
  15. headwhacker
    no worries mate.
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