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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. CaptainFantastic
    Same here. I was impressed by the sound quality improvement over the GD m900 within the first minute, before playing around with the multitude of features.
  2. Ihearthead
    Thanks for your replies! Turns out my mobo has a built ESS Sabre ES9023P DAC, TI RC4580 op-amp & Nichicon caps that I'll need to bypass so Toslink is out and need the USB connection after all. Placed an order for the ADI-2 DAC, now have to wait until they're restocked; appears its sold out everywhere :disappointed:
  3. mglg
    Anyone has compared the DAC vs the new Pro FS model? Is there any sonic difference?
  4. Phoniac
    Note that the 'DAC' has been a 'DAC FS' from the beginning, it was the Pro later being updated to FS. I doubt there is a sound difference. IMHO it's more about a different feature set.
  5. MikeW
    the pro model's more about features for recording, great if you need that, unnecessary if your just using it for playback
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  6. Luckbad
    The Pro is also an ADC. There are a few minor differences, but not in DAC performance. The ADI-2 DAC is arguably superior to the Pro for most people since it has a remote and an IEM output.

    I've nearly pulled the trigger on the Pro FS a few times but I use both of those features and don't want to lose them.
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  7. mgh24
    I've been getting into more mid-fi gear lately, and have some basic understanding, but had some questions I hoped someone could help with.

    If using the unit as a standalone DAC, then it would be line out to my headphone amp, correct? Then that would mean all the filtering and EQ capabilities would be lost?

    As to the EQ, how much dB boost is it capable of? I have used a software parametric EQ in the past, and very much liked it once I got comfortable with how to use it.

    For some background, my go-to headphones are Grado RS2e, but through inexpensive Magni/Modi stack they are underwhelming, to my ears anyway. From the Modi to Project Ember, they really begin to shine.

    Thanks for any help.
  8. MikeW
    The EQ's effects the line out and balanced output as well as built in headphone amps. So the effects are not lost. It has a range of +12 to -12 DB. I don't know what headphone amp you intend to hook it up to, but this Headphone amp would significantly outperform the Magni in your sig. Unless you have some much higher end gear your hiding, the ADI-2 would replace and make your entire stack rather redundant. Outperforming it in every regard, though it should at triple the cost.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  9. mglg
    I heard the SE out should eb the same between DAC and Pro. Not sure if the balanced out in pro is an improvement over the DAC
  10. mgh24
    Hey thanks! Just what I needed to know.

    I listen almost exclusively through the Garage 1217 Ember and the FOZ SSX, the tube(s) sound far better than the SS Magni. It is the only SS amp I've heard. I would like to try the ADI-2 as a replacement for the chain I have, though may still keep the Ember.
  11. Luckbad
    The RME ADI-2 DAC going into the Garage1217 Project Sunrise III is stellar. It's one of my favorite synergies of any setup. To be fair, I significantly prefer the Sunrise/Horizon to the Ember, but the Ember should be a solid pairing as well.

  12. MikeW
    Yeah, a little tube magic works wonders with the ADI, I enjoy mine with the Liquid Platinum, I also find it quite good on it's own.
  13. wirebrat

    PS Audio Ultimate Outlet -> ADI-2 DAC -> Liquid Platinum -> Focal Utopia

    I have all but the Liquid Platinum. Looking to see if a dedicated amplifier is going to make much of a difference. I like the idea of rolling tubes to tweak things out, but not if the pairing isn't going to make much of a difference.

    I know some are not believers in power products and have read a few reviews and comments noting the power supply of the ADI-2 DAC gets things done. I did enough A/B tests with the PS Audio UO to feel it made an appreciable difference in the overall sound stage IMO. It's added a presence that wasn't there before adding it into the system. YMMV, I use a standard line cord with it.
  14. MikeW
    Im not sure what your question is, but I own the PS Audio Duet, the ADI-2 DAC FS, and the Liquid Platinum. It's a good pairing. Im pleased with it, and the liquid platinum is a nice amp for a bit of tube flavor. The built in ADI amp is also quite good if your after flat solid state, clean sound. They compliment each other quite well, as the ADI-2's volume control is a nice/necessary feature for the Liquid Platinum, which lacks gain control. The LP's a bit more dynamic then the amp in the ADI, and of course tubes add flavor, as does the PEQ feature in the adi-2. Im not a huge believer in power products, but I do believe in buying a product that does two things.. A. protect's your gear, and B. does no harm, and I believe PS audio's power products do this.
  15. mixman
    Did you also own a THX too? If so how does the LP compare? Not sure if I want to shell out the money for a GSX mini or a Master 9 to get a decent improvement in sound from my THX or RME.
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