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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. mglg
    Pulled trigger on the ADI-2 DAC, very exciting to pair it with utopia. Any recommendation for portable battery and power cable?
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  2. Relaxasaurus
    Are you going to use an amp?
  3. Phoniac
  4. mglg
    Probably not.
  5. MikeW
    There may be better options available on Amazon. If you search for 12 V power bank, Some that are designed for laptops have 50,000 MAH and out put 12 V
  6. mglg
    I did see some options there. Does it need to have a DC out port? Or normal usb out with a usb-dc converter cable is fine.
  7. MikeW
    It needs 12v dc. I think you need bank with proper 12v out, most of them are user selectable
  8. mglg
  9. MagnusH
    Has anyone compared toslink to a high quality ethernet transport, like sotm ultra, ultraRendu etc, for the RME ADI-2 DAC? I have compared toslink from computer to Allo USBridge (running on battery), but could not detect any differences. If anything, I think toslink sounded better.
  10. Anaz
    You can download the "Bit Test Wav Files for ADI-2 Pro / AE / DAC" from RME's website and test your connection.
  11. MagnusH
  12. elmoe
    Well my ADI-2 "died" last night. No longer recognizes a USB connection, with 2 different cables, on 3 different computers. Optical in works fine, USB shows disconnected no matter what I try.

    Good thing I bought this new. Needless to say I am thinking about selling the replacement as soon as I get it or ask for a refund and move on to something with a little better build quality...
  13. Relaxasaurus
    Ugh, sorry to hear. Did it die while in use or just when you first turned it on?

    I would say try a firmware upgrade but you need USB to do that.
  14. CaptainFantastic
    @elmoe Do you think you might be overreacting? No one else has reported this issue. From your singular experience you conclude (swiftly) that this model has build quality issues?
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  15. elmoe
    I moved it from one PC to another, looks like it wasn't happy with that. I upgraded the FW first thing when I got it ~2 months ago to v25, but yeah it needs USB for FW upgrades so I am stuck.

    No it definitely wasn't overheating, it wasn't even in use when the USB died.

    Considering I bought it brand new 2 months ago and it worked fine until now, yes, I can safely conclude this is a QC/QA issue. The USB input basically died on me out of the blue. On a $1000 unit that's pretty much brand new, that's definitely a concern. I take extremely good care of my gear and still have the first DAC I ever bought 15 years ago (Benchmark DAC1) which still works great
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