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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. MagnusH
    I play from toslink directly from computer, and can play up to 192khz PCM and DSD64 (DoP). DSD/DoP requires support for 176kHz which not all motherboard supports, so I bought a cheap toslink PCI card that supports it.
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  2. Relaxasaurus
    That's great to know. My motherboard is over 10 years old and I assumed Toslink really hasn't changed, silly me. Can you share the card you're using, and are you able to use exclusive mode with Toslink? There are a lot of posts saying optical still has to be processed through a sound chip on the PC, many times being resampled before being sent across.

    Edit: good read here...
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  3. MagnusH
    This is the card I am using, supports everything up to 192kHz (including DSD64 over DoP for RME ADI-2 DAC):

    I also use a Lifatec toslink cable, but a better plastic one also works, the Lifatec did give a little cleaner sound and is very nicely made with metallic connectors that snaps perfectly in place: http://www.lifatec.com/toslink2.html
    (the "cleaner sound" might be bias or imagination, but its not terrible expensive so I kept it)

    I play from Roon, and the card supports both ASIO and WASAPI so I use exclusive mode from Roon. Not sure how it works for other music players.
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  4. MagnusH
  5. MagnusH
  6. musicfrommemory
    Hi Mike, just trawled through your recent posts and couldn't find your impressions of the RME and Liquid Platinum pairing - I'm very interested to hear you find them together as have a Liquid Platinum en route to me and am looking to invest in the right DAC and right now the RME ADI-2 DAC is top of this list.

    If it helps, I wouldn't even mind if you simply said just one of these words: awful, bad, moderate, good, spectacular :)

    Big thanks,

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  7. MikeW
    The pairing is quite good. The features of the RME compliment the Liquid Platinum very well. The RME is the best piece of audio gear i've ever owned however, it is spectacular. If I could only live with one, it would be the RME, but they do compliment each other. The LP brings out dynamic's a bit that are missing from the built in headphone amp (which I also find excellent). The RME's amp is so good, that you start hitting up against the diminishing returns wall rather quickly. Though i can confirm the LP does some things better. I found the RME's headamp to be much better then expected, and much better then I'd been led to believe beforehand. Quite competitive with anything at or under 500$ (jotunheim, THX789, Gilmore MK2 etc) , and some things that reach higher still. This is driving HD650, so a big YMMV with anything more demanding. LP's got way way more power on hand for example.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  8. musicfrommemory
    Thanks Mike - can't quite tell if that's a firm endorsement or not :wink:

    My set up will be MacBook Pro-> ADI-2 DAC -> Cavalli LP-> Ether 2s (which are just 16 ohms) so the DAC will act to also control the volume as the LP will likely be too loud at even 9PM so no problems with power demand.

    Do you think there's any reason I shouldn't take the plunge?
  9. MikeW
    Should be good, the ADI-2 can also be battery powered if you ever need it.
  10. oxide7
    This is what i love about the adi-2 paired with the lcd-x... I know it may turn off some purists, but for me this is awesome because the adi produces it so well -- it's just so clean and doesnt make the rest of the sound muddy like a bad software implementation. Also the LCDs render it so well too... it reminds me of good car audio where you get that bass AND sq. Love this combo IMG_9748.JPG
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  11. Relaxasaurus
    Hah, reminds me of my settings as well, though I have more of a gentle slope. I got my start in car audio too (using Focal no less) and appreciate some thumping depending on the song.

    Because of that I supplement Peace APO on top of the ADI's eq and I get some pretty wild results :ksc75smile:
  12. VRacer-111
    Similar EQing for my modded STAX L300 Limiteds...

  13. Focux
    Any existing or previous owners who could chime in on this DAC compared to the Mojo and Hugo 1 & 2 or even the Qutest?

    Many thanks!
  14. hornytoad
    Better than the Mojo for sure . Haven’t heard the Hugo 1 or 2 .
  15. Giacomino
    [QUOTE = "Focux, post: 14905874, membro: 381853"] Eventuali proprietari esistenti o precedenti che potrebbero eseguire il controllo su questo DAC rispetto a Mojo e Hugo 1 & 2 o anche il Qutest?

    Mille grazie! [/ QUOTE]

    I had both Hugo2 and Burson conductor V2 + at home and chose the RME Adi2 with Focal Utopia headphones.
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