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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Dogmatrix
    I guess on auto it will de-emphasis anything that has emphasis encoded . But as with all choices preference is king .
  2. MikeW
    De-emphasis is a legacy feature left over from years past. As hinted at above some content came coded for it, you’ll see it as a feature on old high fi gear from the 90’s
  3. Luckbad
    Read the manual. It's a work of art and will answer basically every question you have. Leave it at its default (Auto).
  4. Overclocked11
    Well today was the best Monday I can recall from recent memory. Even after only a small amount of A/Bing between the UD-501 into G109 and the ADI-2 its already very clear the upgrade in high end, control over the low end, and overall presence in the midrange - vocals are far more forward.. very interested to see how the 109 will pair with the ADI-2, though power wise it absolutely doesn't need it, which is very promising indeed. I am stunned at the sound that comes out of this little package..

    Will develop and collect some real impressions over the next few weeks, but I definitely can see what all the fuss is about. ADI-2.jpg
  5. domho7
    Hi just wanna check if anyone using the RME adi 2 dac with gustard u16 interface. Tks.
  6. technobear
    Some early CDs were made with pre-emphasis of the treble. There is a flag somewhere in the code which tells the DAC that pre-emphasis is in use. It was used as a noise reduction system (a bit like Dolby for cassette tapes). There is apparently more than one way of indicating pre-emphasis and not all CD players detect both or even either one.

    There is an article about ripping CDs with pre-emphasis here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ripping-cds-that-have-pre-emphasis.423506/
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  7. BrainFood
    Yup. Am

    From U16..BNC ->coaxial RCA (Stereovox HDXV 1 metre). I prefer the sound with RME (no U16). It's just a slightly clearer window into the music.

    However, I am unable to play 24 bit files when using JPLAY FEMTO (JP are looking into it) with RME no U16. With U16 in the circuit, then 24 bit files play ok. Arh!!

    System is dual PC (USB)- Amber Regen -U16- (SPDIF) RME
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  8. domho7
    Tks brain food for your fast reply.
    I am using A&K SR15 Dap I can have handshake compatibility with any dac that have xmos interface. Also have no problems with chord products. But any dac that have no xmos interface I won't hv handshake.
    But off late local gustard dealer let me try the U16 and phew I can hv handshake.
    I am connecting my dap micro USB to USB B.
  9. mixman
    Well since I am using the USB input with Tidal and not dealing with any CD’s........shouldn’t this setting be left off? Both auto and on have lowered highs. With the De-emphasis off there is more treble. So it seems like a noise reduction system like Dolby and reduces the highs. I wouldn’t be talking about this except that other than EQ, ths setting probably has the most effect on my system.
  10. WildStyle-R11
    Seems like I have just gotten a thing to consider as my DAC. I noticed the RME quite a while ago, glossed over it as I only seen a picture of it, I thought oh cool spectrum display, my Oppo HA-1 has one. But recently I looked into it and the more I read about it, the more I want it. I have never considered many DAC's before, because well my CD player does just a fine job as any of them, but RME has gone way above and beyond, to make me consider it rather strongly.
  11. abirdie4me
    I haven't read all this forum, so please forgive me if this has already been answered. Since the ADI-1 DAC doesn't support MQA, what happens when a MQA track from Tidal comes up? Will it still play? If so, does it still sound good?
  12. captblaze
    if you play the file through the PC app you can let it do the initial unfold of the MQA track and it will be presented to your DAC in that resolution. how good it sounds is up to you
  13. Luckbad
    As mentioned above, it will play. Even with an MQA capable dac, I prefer to avoid MQA. Without going on a rant, I've not yet found MQA to be a positive change for any album.
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  14. abirdie4me
    Thanks. I downloaded the trial of Qobuz and did a lot of a/b testing against Tidal last night. Honestly, I can't tell much difference, if any. I still prefer Tidal because I get 5 user accounts to share with my family, I like their dark mode interface, and I already have a year's worth of playlists created. As long as this DAC can still play Tidal MQA tracks and sound great, I think it may be my next audio device.
  15. CaptainFantastic
    @abirdie4me Yes, the white interface of Qobuz bothers me. I usually listen in the evenings and there is no excuse for the eye-hurting brightness on the playlists. I contacted them and they said this:

    "Chrome has a dark mode and our desktop player will soon support it."

    I tried Chrome's dark mode and it's really buggy, at least for me. It effectively inverts colors, so while the white backgrounds become black, other colors and text get transformed in bizarre ways. Maybe I am doing something wrong?
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