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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. eargasam
    Even if it is not windows 10?
  2. Overclocked11
    all that should matter is whether or not the driver works. Not to lecture, but you really should move over to Windows 10.. there isn't much reason to not be on it any more.
  3. eargasam
    The rt doesn't support it.
  4. jerick70
    The ADI-2 will work without Windows 10. The Surface RT will support it. You should even get ASIO and WASAPI.
  5. eargasam
    Thanks for the info, thinking of an upgrade from my regular amp, was considering this or the hugo 2.
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  6. jerick70
    In that price range you should look at the ADI-2 Pro also. I thought it was superior to the ADI-2 DAC. You also get a balanced headphone output and ripping capabilities. You don't get either of these capabilities on the ADI-2 DAC or Hugo 2.
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  7. tekkster

    I have both. You can't go wrong with either, but they have different advantages.

    In pure data retrieval, the H2 beats the ADI-2 DAC, and if that's what you care about above all else, the H2 is for you. The second advantage to the H2 is that it's more conveniently transportable, given its smaller size and internal batteries. The third advantage, though this one is dubious, is that it also has bluetooth connectivity.

    The ADI-2 has its own set of advantages. The digital filters are much better than the H2 (more noticeable differences between filters). The custom EQ settings are phenomenal, and as you probably have already read, the additional ability to adjust the EQ of the left and right signal is a big advantage for many. The Hi-Power mode for the 6.3mm is great for basically anything shy of a 3watt requirement headphone (like the low sensitivity HE-6/6SE/1K/1Kv2). The EQ memory is ideal if you have multiple headphones. A lot of people dislike the loudness EQ, but I love it since I listen at very low volumes much of the time. The spectrum analyzer is not only a joy to listen to, it's a great way to explore two things: First, the music itself as it's coming out of the DAC, and second, to "see" what you should be hearing, vs. what you actually hear out of the headphone. It's always interesting for me to listen to a song form the ADI-2 across multiple headphones and really get a feel for how the headphones react to the frequency range that's supposed to be heard. Finally, if you care about such things, the ADI-2 has balanced outs. And though I haven't tested this, I believe that by using either the digital inputs of coax or optical, you can actually turn the ADI-2 into a digital to digital audio interface (It has no ADC, but I believe can send digital data to a DAW.

    Where they are both very similar are the quietness of the ports themselves. Pretty much every other DAC/Amp I use is not dead silent, but the H2 and ADI-2 DAC really are incredibly quiet.
  8. tekkster
    I'm actually looking at the ADI-2 Pro now. Decided not to get it because of the cost, but it's a great option. The dual 6.3 for balanced out is a great idea.

    I do a lot of recording, so have separate field and desktop recorders, but none are really ideal for leaving power on 24/7.
    The ADI-2 Pro is designed to be on 24/7, so I could leave my AT4053B XLR phantom powered mic connected to the ADI-2 Pro all day long, which makes it a great option for recording as well as using as the main mic for conference calls and softphone.
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  9. jerick70
    The big advantage to the ADI-2 Pro is the fully dual mono architecture. It really makes a difference in my listening. Plus you get higher power output which gives you more headroom which translates into better dynamics.
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  10. Tsukuyomi
    I would like to leave my ADI-2 DAC all day, ive done it once or twice to see how it handles it and when you're not playing music its just there cool and normal.
    but i think i have mine on auto-rest. if no music or input of any kind is made after a certain while, it goes into rest/off mode? screen off and the white circle turns red. its so awesome!
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  11. bidn

    Hi Tekkster,

    I have the ADI-2 Pro, I leave it all the time on, it doesn't really get warm.
    I believe that the ADI-2 Pro will give you a higher SQ than the ADI-2, e.g. when comparing it to the Hugo 2 for driving the Utopia.
    I brought several times my ADI-2 Pro to my dealer to compare it against the Hugo 2 with the Utopia,
    I could not hear a better data retrieval with the Hugo 2 over my RME ADI-2 Pro,
    (however the Chord Dave leaves both in the dust...).

    With the Utopia I hear definite improvements of my RME ADI-2 Pro with:
    - dual mono set-up
    - madiface upscaling
    - BOTW P&P ECO 12 V - 13.2V.

    It seems that the high-quality amp of the Pro is also more powerful than that of the ADI-2.

    I suspect that RME would produce an upgraded DAC over a year on the basis of the very promising upcoming AK4499 after that chip enters mass-production, so you could also wait one more year, but this is not sure, just my guess.

    Have a nice weekend,
  12. tekkster

    I don't know the Pro, but with the ADI-2 DAC, there are a lot of tracks where I can't tell the difference. With most orchestral symphonies, for instance, the H2 and the ADI-2 DAC sound the same.

    But for some tracks, it's not hard to tell.

    With the Utopia as my main headphone for all jazz music, I am at the point where on Keiko Matsui's Moyo (Heart & Soul), or Emily Bear's Hot Peppers, or the song Jazz Afrique from The Dirt Lounge album, and a few other tracks, I can tell the difference between the H2 and ADI-2, simply by having a friend plug into either one while I'm blindfolded. Mostly I can tell from two things, the sharpness of the percussion, and how prominent the subtler instruments are.

    Of course, I've never heard the Dave. I imagine the difference would be significant.

    Jealous of your Chord Dave. Have wanted one for years.
  13. mixman
    I have a question....... De-emphasis Auto or Off for USB input?
  14. Dogmatrix
    I leave mine on auto . Not sure it is even active on usb input after a quick look at the manual
  15. mixman
    Yes it is active on the USB input. Try it out. The treble increases a decent amount when the De-emphasis is set to off. Not having seen this function before, I am not sure which is correct, or is it just a preference thing?
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