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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. JerkChicken
    i'll check and let you know.. once i get tired of looking at beautiful analyzer hehe
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  2. CaptainFantastic
    OK, so we will never hear from you again on the subject. :)

    I think I read just yesterday on the RME support forum (from Matthias?) that they do not recommend changing this while playing music as there might be some noise.
  3. CaptainFantastic
    I mentioned above that I saw something about this yesterday on the RME forum. It was about the ADI-2 DAC but I cannot find it anymore. What I did find was this from 2017 re the PRO. It might still be helpful. It is from Matthias himself and keep in mind that this was 2017, some of these facts may have changed:

    "The ADI-2 Pro is completely silent on power-up and power-down. [...]

    Changing sample rate from a 3xx or 7xx range to 44/48 kHz sometimes causes a click on one channel. This phenomenon is known and still investigated (not easy as it does not happen all the time). It can happen with USB plugging too, as the sample rate is changed to 768 kHz for a brief moment when connecting the ADI-2 Pro to a Mac. Etc.

    Changing the filter to NOS causes a (harmless) click directly in the DAC chip when music is played back at the same time. This can not be fixed and is no real problem (and how often do you change the filter?).

    The click on Auto Level is harmless as well and can not be fixed, as this level change is nothing different than the user manually changing the Ref Level. This involves relays changing gain, which can not be click-free. The change itself is click-free (try it without audio), but an instant level change on audio always generates a sharp edge, which at the wrong position resembles a click sound. Adding soft level changes/mutes to avoid this click would have ruined the tech specs of the whole AD section."
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  4. Phoniac
    The one-channel-click is fixed some time ago by firmware update.

    I hear a lot of compilations and never noticed a click between tracks.
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  5. technobear
    Hmmm. Well that certainly isn't true of ADI2-DAC which makes several interesting clicks and a slight thud through the speakers on removal of the power. Perhaps it is silent if one puts it into Standby first. I'll have to try that later.
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  6. newtophones07
    Thanks for the feedback
  7. technobear
    Now that I'm home I can confirm that ADI2-DAC emits two clicks through the speakers when putting it into Standby.

    Once in Standby, it doesn't emit any further sounds when the power is removed.

    Curiously, if headphones are plugged in, the clicks still come from the speakers, not the headphones. Weird.
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  8. tekkster
    Can one ever get tired of the beautiful analyzer? (^_^)
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  9. JamieCole
    I forget this thing has other features sometimes... how are we supposed to tinker with the sound while the bars are dancing to our music?


    Anyone prefer green over cyan? Default over dark?
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  10. JerkChicken
    Green & Dark for me :pager:
  11. CaptainFantastic
    Same for me, green and dark. Auto-dark on remote button 3.
  12. zakazak
    I still couldnt decide on wether to get the RME ADI-2 DAC or the Meier Daccord FF.

    The Daccord a simple but awesome DAC which basically is plug and play.

    The RME ADI-2 comes with a lot of features but I wonder if I would ever need any of those. Can any describe some features that they use on theor RME and cant live without anymore?

    Will use it for HD800S together with Meier Classic FF / Feliks Elise.

    Also: Why do 32bit DACs not come with a USB 3.x port? Would USB 2.0 even be fast enough for the file size an data that 32bit audio has?
  13. Slaphead
    Yep, easily. USB 2.0 tops out at 480 Mbps - slow by todays standards, but more than enough to feed 32 bit DACs with pretty much any currently available sample rate.

    Just remember the standard redbook (16/44.1) over USB 1.0 only used approx one eighth (12.5%) of the available bandwidth in high speed mode (12Mbps), so even USB 1 would have been theoretically capable of 32/176.4 and easily capable of 32/96.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  14. JerkChicken
    My top selling points were:
    -volume ramp, volume presets

    Also, the amp itself is enough to power me ether 2’s with ease. I have plent more db’s to go and no where near maxing it out like my old hpa4 just to get a reasonable listening level
  15. CaptainFantastic
    I purchased it thinking the advantages would be:
    - 1 single unit with a single plug replacing the 3 units of the Schiit stack and doing the same thing - AMP/DAC/EQ
    - a unit that does not run hot and I do not have to worry about
    - quality engineering
    - advanced EQ possibilities

    Based on advice I received, I was not hoping for a sound improvement over the Grace Design m900 which I already liked very much.

    After the purchase:
    - all 4 above were true
    - the major thing is that the sound quality did improve, the MX4s went from very good to pure gold
    - the spectral analyser is just perfect
    - I am enjoying the remote control and using it more than I thought leaning back, adjusting the volume from track to track, turning features on and off as needed
    - top custmer support on the RME forum in order to understand the features and adjust as needed
    - IEM plug will come in handy someday
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2019
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