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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Leviathant

    I’m still leaning towards the ADI-2 due to cost and from what I understand the USB implementation is good (H2 sounded much better via Schiit Eitr). Makes the H2 more expensive as I’d have to buy that to. Makes the whole package less transportable once again.

    Also, having used the Liquid Platinum for a few days I’m in love with that. Wallet suggests that I should err on the cheaper side when it comes to the DAC for now. :)

    Means I can evaluate all my headphones (including IEM) direct from the RME and then through the LP too. (Not that I couldn’t also do that with H2 of course).
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  2. zakazak
    Anyone tried this DAC on Linux?

    Planning on pairing it with Meier Corda Classic FF / Feliks Lise for my HD800S.
  3. zakazak
    I would also be very interested how this DAC compares to Bifrost Multibit or Meier Daccord FF.

    The RME ADI-2 seems to have a lot of features and capabilities but I wonder if I will ever need those. I feel like a basic 24/192kHz DAC is enough for most ppl. So it comes down to quality vs price.

    Anyone had a chance to compare the ADI2 vs Bifrost Multibit or Meier Daccord (FF)?
  4. canali
    guys question: anyone here using a music server and are mostly digital?
    i use roon labs and tidal...using a sonictransporter i5 as my server (ipad or laptop is the visual interface)

    ....how would you hook it up to this dac?

    just wondering if i'd need an ultrarendu or a streamer to enhance the signal
    (looking at auralic g2 down the road)
  5. kundica
    You need to connect the DAC to an endpoint. I use my ADI-2 DAC at my desktop but I could easily feed it signal from my HiFiberry/RPi Roon endpoint.
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  6. canali
    thanks....so would my sonictransporter 5 be the endpoint?...or would it have to be a bridge such as the sonore ultrarendu etc?
  7. kundica
    I'm not familiar enough with the sonictransporter to know if it functions as an output as well. Technically Roon Server runs as core and output so if you can connect a DAC to the USB on the sonictransporter and it shows up in Roon then you should be fine. I watched a video on the sonictransporter and there seems to be a local playback function but I'm not sure when it does. Do you currently have a USB DAC you can connect to the device to test?
  8. canali
    thanks, just currently using a chord mojo so it should work with sonictransporter i5..i see it has usb 2.0
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2018
  9. kundica
    If your Mojo is connect to the Sonictransporter and working then the ADI-2 DAC should work too. If you end up needing another endpoint and don't want to drop a lot of cash on something like the ultrarendu you can look at allo RPi products. They have many different solutions including a USB hat designed for connecting DACs via USB.
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  10. Emmanuel Palmer
    Please i need help! My adi 2 dac does not decode above 44.1 bit rate on my tidal with my windows 10 computer but it does accurately with my qobuz. What might be the problem i have done every settings i can on tidal including selecting exclusive use with tidal. I also have been trying to upgrade the firmware but it's not happening. I will appreciate your helps . Thanks
  11. CaptainFantastic
    I had the firmware not updating thing for about 5 minutes. Then I updated the driver first, rebooted, and firmware update worked.
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  12. JerkChicken
    [​IMG] Came in the mail today so I had some reading to do on my lunch break:beerchug:

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  13. newtophones07
    When changing source bitrate/sample rate/DSD etc, across a music library, can you hear a click on this DAC?
  14. Emmanuel Palmer
    I will give it a try. Thanks
  15. Emmanuel Palmer
    I don't hear a click except when switching off and on
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