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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. bwcgrx
    I'm about to liquidate some headphone gear I don't use enough to keep and I'm seriously thinking about picking up the RME ADI-2 fs with the proceeds.

    One question I have, forgive me if its been asked before, are the XLR and RCA outputs fixed line out or are they controlled by the RME's volume control?
  2. Guniz
    You can control the volume of the line out using the RME ADI-2, page 19 of the manual shows an image of the option.

  3. money4me247 Contributor
    Default is that you can control the volume of both XLR and RCA. You can set any output (RCA, XLR, 3.5mm, or 1/4 jack) to be fixed as well though.
  4. technobear
    Hurrah! The bottom 3 channels of the PEQ now go to +-9dB instead of +-5dB. As I'm using the RME to control room boom from my AV system, that is the perfect Christmas present. Thank you RME.
  5. Phoniac
    I share your enjoyment, but the new Q value goes up to 9.9 (or simply 10), and the value is not dB. it's just a number. Happy Holidays!
  6. technobear
    Aha! I have confused Gain and Q. So this enables a notch filter to be narrower. Well that is also useful when dealing with room boom.
  7. CaptainFantastic
    Received my RME ADI-2 last week and really enjoying it. Quick question: even though it is connected via the USB cable that came with it, when I go in Windows to Sounds, it shows up as "Analog (1+2) RME ADI-2 DAC". Is this normal? As long as it's not affecting anything I don't care, just wondering. I do have the latest driver and the firmware from November.
  8. Leviathant
    Looking at purchasing a RME ADI-2 DAC. Looking for it to pair with my Utopias and other headphones (LCD2.2, HD600, Periodic Be). Had the Hugo 2 on trial and really wanted to like it as I love the form factor and some music sound out of this world, but it was just too bright a pairing for 75% of my music (despite its different filters, which don’t really do anything different imho). From reading the thread it sounds the natural tuning of the RME won’t be as bright as the Hugo 2, without losing much of the resolution? Anyone able to comment if I’m correct here? @tekkster maybe?

    Also, planing on pairing it with the new Monoprice Liquid Platinum amp too and that things sound great (but only have it plugged into my Oppo UDP-203 dac at the mo, and that is way behind the H2 in detail retrieval). I’m hoping the RME sounds between the Oppo and H2 (But closer to the H2 naturally).
  9. CaptainFantastic
    RME ADI-2 001.jpg
    Here is a picture of what it looks like. When I plug in the Grace m900 via USB it shows as USB Xmos. Why does the RME ADI-2 show up as Analog 1+2 when connected by USB?
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  10. tekkster

    Natural flat eq tuning is def warmer on adi-2 vs. h2. And the high level of sound profile customization really gives you a ton of control without sacrificing timber, which surprises me constantly. I really miss it when traveling.
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  11. Leviathant
    Thanks for your response. It’s definitely good that it’s warmer by default, presumably not at a huge loss in detail retrieval.

    I’m getting closer to making my mind up and getting the ADI-2. It’s £800 here in the UK and the H2 I was offered was at a pretty decent discount from the £1,800 RRP. Despite the discount I’m still leaning towards the ADI-2.

    What I loved about the H2 though was it’s portability and looks. I’m travelling for the holidays and miss being able to plug it in and listen to music whilst the family watch TV. I like that the Hugo2 can also be put into my main system for music/Movies and then back to the study/bedroom when required too. Just feels like a Swiss Army knife.

    I guess I could always get another mojo for that, but then that option goes up to £1,200 (adi-2 £800 + mojo £400), which is closer to H2 price territory.

    Another thing I loved with the H2 is how fast it was with the Utopia (particularly certain genres of metal music). Do you notice any differences in overal speed when you switch to Utopia/Adi-2 combo? (Last thing I want is the DAC muddying up the sound in fast passages!) I do find the H2 annoyingly bright much of the time but am still finding that I want the speed and clarity that only Hugo2/Utopia has given me (in gear I’ve tried thus far).

    Happy holidays :)
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  12. tekkster
    The adi-2 is not as fast as the h2. Really, nothing i have can show off the utopia’s speed quite like the h2, at least in my current gear lineup.

    Another way to go, something i’ve been contemplating doing myself, is getting a really high end dap. Qp2r has no streaming but is oft recommneded for use with the utopias. Sp1000 as well.

    I recently purchased the much lower quality opus #3, which i connect to the h2 via optical, and this allows for speed, cutting glare, and a crap ton of eq control pre-dac for the utopias. Love this setup and while not portable, it is at least transportable.
  13. Leviathant
    Thanks again. I’ll have to look into those that you mentioned. Transportable is also fine. Ive also heard good things of the Qp2r but I need tidal streaming really.

    I guess I can trial the ADI-2 and see if it’s fast enough for my tastes. The H2 offer is something I need to jump on soon though else I won’t get the price I’ve been quoted. Decision decisions.
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  14. Dogmatrix
    Just a label , pro is the same . If you click on properties you can call it anything you want
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  15. tekkster
    That is a tough tough call.

    I’ve said in the past that i think the rme adi-2 dac is the absolute best value per msrp dollar piece of audio gear i’ve ever owned, performing far far above its price point.

    While not as fast as the h2, it is definitely “good enough” to make the utopias highly satisfying to me. I have other dacs but the h2 and adi-2 are the only two that i use the utopias with. Everything else i own just makes the utopias feel...well...”less”.

    The h2 utopia combo can be a tad bright on a good number of songs, though an eq feature on a dap helps a ton wothout removing detail.

    Either way is a great choice.

    Heck, the adi-2 and h2 are two pieces of gear i will never sell. They’re both just that good.
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