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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Deftone
    I am considering the ADI 2 DAC or Pro FS , i know the measurements are amazing but worried about sterile sound.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
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  2. technobear
    What sterile sound?
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  3. Deftone
    Possibility of sterile sound, reviews are mixed, some say neutral some say cold and flat.
  4. JerkChicken
    As a company catered to professional studio production I’d expect it to be that way. You can eq the sound curve as you like from my understanding.
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  5. powerincarnate
    Also posted in another thread to get a diversity of opinions.

    Please assist me with getting a DAC/AMP, my preferred max price range is about $1000 to $1200, but would be open to extending it slightly . I know some examples that I mentioned below are outside the price range, but I do want to hear your opinions regardless. I do have a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog, and may elect to upgrade that later. Finally, the other option is to upgrade my subwoofer, for home home speakers as I have Three LS50s in LCR setup with a denon 4400 receiver. What I'm looking for is not only A is better than B, but how much is A better than B and is that difference worth the price increase. So here are some of my choices.
    1. SMSL SU8 ahd SH8 which together should run somewhat close to $500-550.
    2. JDS El Dac and El Amp OR simpy the Element. The first two will be about the same as the SU8 and SH8 the second should be about $350.
    3. IFI micro iDSD Black label: which should run about $599.
    4. The upcoming March Dac with Massdrop 789 amp (i was working nights when the drop was still available, saw it, decided to go to sleep, and then when I work up, the drop ended back in late december. Hopefully massdrop makes it a permanently available product soon.
    5. Monopricce THX Desktop Headphone dac/amp with dual THX 788 as oppose to Massdrops 789. It's ~$500
    6 SMSL SU8 or JDS El DAC with MassDrop 789 which should be about $600
    7. Audio dg r2r 11 for $350, or NFB-11.38 for $450
    8. PS Audio Sprout 100 for $599
    9. RME ADI-2 DAC for $1100 using it stock without an additional AMP
    10. RME ADI-2 DAC with Massdrop 789 for $1450.
    11. Chord Qutest with Massdrop 789 AMP for $2250

    A lot of choices, organized relatively speaking from cheapest to most expensive. Up to 9 is fairly reasonable, above 10 in stretching it. 11 would have to justify the cost.

    Thank you.
  6. westyjeff
    The more I use and get to know the RME DAC, the more items go up for sale.
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  7. Euphonik
    Can't even decide...
  8. Euphonik
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  9. JerkChicken
    Sweet rig.

    Where did you get that soft pad?
  10. Euphonik
    It's one of those oversized velour-like drawstring pouches that some IEMS come with; I can't remember what came in it as I have too much gear, lol. I slid it over the cradle so if it bumped the D50 it wouldn't scratch the anodized metal housing.

    Both are exceptionally good DACs- excellent clarity, definition and features; at this point neither leave me wanting anything else
  11. Emmanuel Palmer
    Comparing this dac to my mytek brooklyn dac+, I must say that adi-2 dac though more forgiving with poor records lacks some highend technicalities like soundstage and 3d presentation and i could also hear 2nd harmonic distortion
  12. alphanumerix1
    whats the d50 for? comparisons?
  13. Phoniac
    And why you don't send it back for service then? Distortion is so low it is hard to measure, and absolutely impossible to hear - unless the unit is broken.
  14. Euphonik
    Pretty much. Lately I'm focusing on the IEM output with the Legend X- I perceived a slight difference in smoothness in contrast to the D50/AAA...other than that I don't think I could tell them apart, at least in my limited listening experience (if ever). Eventually I'll set it up on my desktop to replace the O2DAC.
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  15. Deftone
    what are you gonna keep, d50/THX or RME ?
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