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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Euphonik

    If I had to choose, though, I'd keep the ADI-2 for my main use and THX AAA for instances where more power is needed; it's nice to have separate components that can be easily upgraded/replaced. In addition, the digital volume control in particular is really nice as well as the feature set. With that being said, I'm still very satisfied with the D50/THX AAA combo- you really can't go wrong either way.
  2. bgbkt
    Has anyone tried running Focal Clear using RME ADI-2 DAC? Is that a good match?
  3. JKDJedi
    I concur, if you like your amps warm, you can do that with this DAC.
  4. JKDJedi
    Im just curious...Did you get the THX on a Zeos reference by chance? I'm almost there myself...just want/need to grab the RME first, it would/will/could be the end game for me, I'm already checking what might go in its replacement, 2 headphones and an amp..sounds like a good movie.. :D
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  5. Mrstump5
    Adi 2 vs yggy a2?????
  6. Euphonik
    Nope, I saw a review on ASR about how well it measured and made an impulse buy- same for everything else in the stack, lol. I believe the ADI-2 could be a "one and done" depending on your requirements.
  7. CaptainFantastic
    One and Done - Absolutely the conclusion that I came to since all my headphones are easy to drive and I don’t want to go balanced. Saving impressive amounts of time no longer reading/watching reviews about other units.
  8. JKDJedi
    Enough power for my group of cans? (Signature) I'm almost committed to grabbing one.
  9. Euphonik
    I'm pretty sure it'll drive practically any headphone you could attach to it. Your HD6XX is 300ohms- ADI-2 will output .3 watts at that level of resistance before clipping (.2 watts are the approximate power handling limit for the HD6XX).

    Edit: HE400i can handle a nominal 6W @ 40ohm, you might want a THX AAA in balanced output for that...
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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  10. Phoniac
    Apply some common sense! That is the maximum allowed power applied to it. It reaches it's maximum sound level long before that. At 1 Watt you run away screaming...

    Just because Audeze lists all its headphones with 15 Watts doesn't mean we all have to buy a 6 Watt monster now.
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  11. Deftone
    Did you test only using quick AB or long time with one (week or two) and then swapping to another?

    I cant detect much differences on quick AB. It was only after soley using Mojo for 7 months then switching to another source it hit me how thick and warm the Mojo is.
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  12. JKDJedi
    No ****...really? The Hifiman 400i can juice 6 watts!?...DyaAAaaamm. I got the Audio-GD 11.28 and that one seems to be on par with the power output of the RME, .3 watts @300ohm, and your right, it's enough juice. I'm very green to Ohms and mW , watts, impedance.. seems like you need a degree almost ;D but I'm really surprised on the 6 watts for the Hifiman. Thats 6000 mW Gonna dive deep into the manual I downloaded this week, what you guys think of the crossfeed? Edit: just went thru the manual..... MIND BLOWN O.O
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  13. Euphonik
    Phoniac is right, you probably won't need even half the power, though the THX AAA can certainly output a lot. Personally I haven't used it yet, though I tend to enjoy the added reverb/space in a lot of electronic music- eventually I'll have to give it a try, though.

    I agree, the mojo is somewhat smooth- that's one difference I noticed in contrast to the HiFiMe 9018 portable DAC, though it may not have been the chip but the implementation. I think the AK4490 and 9038 differ subtly, though I haven't listened long enough to both separately yet to know for sure.
  14. Deftone
    I have watched several comparison videos that are ADI2 against several other dacs and the ADI2 comes out as really clear in the mid range, if the comparisons are genuine, everything that was put up against it sounded to soft or veiled. Im hoping to get one for my self pretty soon but wont be using the headphone out i will run balanced XLR to my Arcam.

    I love clarity, precision and realism but not at the expense of sounding thin and sterile, so im hoping the arcam will restore balance (If needed). Just like the 660 is the master of balance between musicality and technical ability.
  15. Emmanuel Palmer
    I bought it to use with my clear it sounded neutral and non fatiguing over long period of listening but it lacks soundstage depth, layering, space, 3d etc for me sounded too intimate and i felt like it was restraining the clears from its capability. I sold it on ebay and lost massively as a matter of fact i just shipped it to the new owner yesterday. Now am using it with the mytek brooklyn dac+ which sounds rich, clean, detailed, wide soundstage, 3d, layering, precision, timing neutral yet without being fatiguing, from time to time when listening it feels like music is coming from the atmosphere rather than the headphone itself. Now I am thinking of adding a tube amp for when i need euphoria. Besides headphonia.Com reviewed it lately and thought it sounded richer than the almighty hugo 2 across the spectrum and i agree.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
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