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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Darthpool
    Strong words....do you have the sciences to back it? Or is this “your” “matter of fact” :wink:
  2. Luckbad
    I use mine in TIDAL with exclusive mode and forced volume every single day. You did something wrong.
  3. Soundwave76
    Roon solves this issue.
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  4. Soundwave76
    I am pretty sure you can. I did this with the ADI-2 Pro when I had it. The manual will answer this questions.
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  5. sensenonno

    Didnt you use the Tidal software?


    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
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  6. hornytoad
    Arcam Ir-dac outperformed the RME ? Ok lol
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  7. makan
    I did look at the manual, and it seems to indicate you are unable to. I thought maybe there is a work around.
  8. emacs
    Fair enough. Of course it's my ears that I am talking about, however I have also blind tested this on few of my friends. They did prefer the combination with external amp.
    Yes, roon does as well of other SW layes, however it is not acceptable at this price point.
    Three other DACs that I have allow to push Tidal stream to them in WASAPI exclusive mode with no issues. iFi even accepts direct MQA stream. RME on the other hand does not, however it does allow Quobz to connect directly to it. It's the Tidal case that the RME guys have missed on their latest FW update... I asked support last week about when they do plan to update the FW again, but I have no answer yet.
    No, Arcam did not outperformed RME, but Arcam+good headphone amp did outperform RME DAC + it's internal head amp (both it's outputs actually). I suppose that achieving subjectively more preferable results by pairing components does not come as a surprise, does it?
  9. hornytoad
    Yeah ok lol. Did you change tthe RMe from low to high power?
  10. emacs
    Did you listen to the combination that I'm talking about?
  11. hornytoad
    Did you level match the combination and blind test ?
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  12. Soundwave76
    Yes, indeed you could be right and this only works in the Pro version. What is your use though? I have normal headphones connected to the ADI-2 headphone output and Stax amp connected to the RCA line out. I can toggle them both easily via pressing the volume knob and the volume level is different for both outputs.
  13. makan
    Sometimes my daughter wants to listen with me, and so am trying to use the headphone out and also the line out to my Ifi pro ican, and so would like to have a fixed volume line out. The challenge is using both at the same time, not toggling.
  14. Luckbad
    You can ask on the RME forum, but I'm pretty certain you can't use the headphone and line out simultaneously on the ADI-2 DAC because it only has one DAC chip. The ADI-2 Pro can do it because it has two chips.
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  15. WildStyle-R11
    Oh, you can do both, it's just that you adjust volume for both as well. So either your ears will bleed from loud headphones or the line out will be too weak.
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