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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. maszynista1987
    I love how it plays :)
    I am thinking of open headphones, meze empyrean v zmf verite, which sound better to you with rme?

    "sorry for the translator"
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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  2. ttol
    Any one come up with creative solutions to keep ADI-2 DAC in place? The thing is so light that it moves every time I adjust settings which is mildly annoying.
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  3. JerryLeeds
    Google Blu-Tack ...
  4. robm321
    I get the best sound with optical too. That said, replacing the included USB cable with a properly shielded USB makes a significant difference.
  5. maszynista1987
  6. Arniesb
    In my book usb with decrapifier > optical > computer USB
  7. mdelrossi
    Then just get the Harmony Hub and use the app on your tablet.
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  8. WildStyle-R11
    I haven't really said anything much about the ADI 2 since I got it way back in april. I just love this cute little thing. It has replaced a lot. And changed a lot for me incidentally as well.

    First my PC > CD Player > Loki > Oppo HA 1 changed to PC > ADI 2 > Oppo HA1... I was using my LCD2C at the time, needed that extra bit of bass boost with the loki. Used my CD player as a DAC not only for loki, but I absolutely hate Sabre DAC's, that just happens to be in the HA 1. Incidentally my SA8005 DAC is pretty good, so I just went with it.

    In comparison the ADI 2 Just sounds so smooth and as it turns out the LCD2C doesn't need bass boost when you got a good DAC, go figure. But I started to mess around with all the headphones I have and other things. Since apparently a good DAC can make a difference.

    One of my headphones X2, I originally dumped it, into the box of lost hopes and dreams. Treble too annoying, bass too muddy and muffled midrange is the short list of problems I had with the X2... But now Plugging it into ADI 2, HA 1 combo... Is this the same headphone? Highs Present, but not annoying in any way shape or form. Midrange has come back from the depths of hell and Bass is no longer a muddy mess? I'm listening and I can't believe how good the X2's sound. After a while of messing around, it was pretty much decided... My main headphone went from LCD2C to X2 and even the HA 1 was kicked to the curb. As ADI 2 AMP is plenty good on it's own and plenty power for my Headphones. So my setup now is pretty simple PC > ADI 2. Okay so maybe there is some speakers involved somewhere and a CD player, but it is still a LOT cleaner than with all that I had.

    I personally like how the ADI 2 doesn't seem to alter the sound in any way shape or form, Like if I use other DAC / AMP's I tend to hear a certain characteristic or flavour. Like Sabre "Glare", I don't really know anything about it, but it sure seems annoying enough for me. If ADI 2 would have a characteristic I would probably describe it as smooth. And I love it for that, I can actually just listen and enjoy my headphones.

    In any case, I hope you like my little story (Probably incoherently jumbled in many ways, because brain...). I Just remembered why I like it and since I haven't posted anything about it really.
    Reminded because I was thinking about the upcoming X3 which has dual entry, so balanced is possible, I was thinking What kind of AMP would I get? SPL Phonitor? Just thinking about the size... I am Happy with my ADI 2. :)
  9. hornytoad
    There isnt another dac for 1k that is better .None
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  10. fonna
    anyone else really like this device with the HD800S? I harman EQ my HD800S using oratory1990's settings, and the amplifier in this does something extremely pleasant with the mids on the HD800S compared to even way more expensive amps ive heard, it doesn't have the same dynamics as say a Violectric V280 or Cayin iHA-6 but the vocals almost have this like "velvety" smooth quality to it that I cant find on other amps.
  11. oqvist
    What settings is that? Would like to try. Not terribly impressed without eq
  12. Gus141
    I’m doing the same thing with Sony MDR-Z1R cans. To use your efficient wording, I Harman EQ my Z1Rs using Oratory1990’s settings too. I have to modify his recommendations since the ADI-2 only has 5 bands, but I really hit a sweet spot that I have been using for 8 months and still love. Every now and then I turn off EQ to see if I will like the Z1R without EQ, but I just love, to use your words again, the “velvety smooth quality” I can achieve with the PEQ settings on this awesome DAC.

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  13. fonna
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  14. oqvist
    Thanks. Will see if I can manage to do them :)
  15. makan
    Anyone have a preferred eq setting on the rme for lcd-4. I see some searching around but are for 10 bands vs 5. Thanks.
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