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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Arniesb
    Just curious cause i see rme adi pros on sale more than other devices. Didnt see much Qutest on sale for example.
    Hard to listen all the gear when you dont have much time to get audition.
  2. acguitar84
    Well, I'm not the seller either, but I love mine!
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  3. lentoviolento
    Not at all. Actually i think it is the best all in one solution on the market price/performance ratio.
    The volume knob, the remote and many others things make it a must have if you have the money. I cant think at something better. Maybe a mytek because it is more powerful? But it goes for 2200 new... Excluding the susvara/hek/he6 and MAYBE lcd4, there is no hp it cant drive.for example i prefer the headphone out of rme than audio gd nfb1 balanced out...
    Unfortunatly i cant keep expensive gear in this moment of my life. But i still like to try them...
    But yes i will use my trusty dfr with my magni and i hope soon my little otl.
    For xmas i will buy another setup, enjoy it and than sell it and so on..
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  4. A-Nice-Cup-of-Clarity
    I currently own The Focal Clears, JH Laylas and soon to be ZMF Aeolus.
    No I want to upgrade my DAC/AMP to either the
    the Audio GD R-28.

    Can someone compare the 2?
    I know that they are very different, but I cant quite put my finger on where the differences lie and how big they are.
  5. lentoviolento
    I tried aeolus with a lot of amps, among them there was nfb1 and a precision 1. It is not the same amp section as r28, but it was the worst.. It sucked the musicality out of everything. Dried the bass too much. I didn't try aeolus with rme but atticus, at the end has the same driver. And i love the match. Now i sold it, i will use an otl for now. But i won't buy audio gd gear anymore since i will buy other zmf hps. All that power is useless for almost every hp, they are ugly as hell, big, heavy... Too neutral sound imho. But They are cheap, the volume sistem is top notch, and they have the remote and they sound ok with lcd models. An amp that is wonderful with aeolus was lake people g100.
  6. Soundwave76
    Audio-GDs measure horribly in ASR reviews, so I would stay faaaaaaar away from them. RME is top of the class pro engineering from Germanu, which also measures exceptionally well.
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  7. oqvist
    Have they measured the reference 9 or other reference series?

    The dac19 and nfb10.32 I dont find as musical as the rme or reference 9 but different priceclass by a mile
  8. Soundwave76
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  9. oqvist
    I guess wire with gain dacs have an advantage to get good distortion numbers? I cant say I hear distortion in my dacs. But they are cramed with a lot of stuff. My ref 9 have three psus:p
  10. robm321
    I'm looking to get one of these. Any special place I should order it from or does it matter?
  11. Kato Danzo
    I was really interested in snagging this DAC in the somewhat near future, but have stumbled upon a new(er?)/slightly downscaled version, the ADI-2 FS. Aside from what is on the website, is there any ETA for this becoming available for purchase?

    I know it lacks a front panel LCD and menu display, but are there any other differences I should be aware of? Ultimately is the ADI-2 DAC a better purchase now or should I wait?
  12. sensenonno
    ADI-2 FS does not have USB in , but it is an ADC as well as a DAC. I would say it is more a downscaled version of the ADI-2PRO but not of the ADI-2DAC.
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  13. makan
    Novice question ( 1 week with the ADI-2 DAC). Is it possible to pass through the line out (RCA and XLR) to another amp such that it is at a fixed volume to another amp and still use the RME's headphone output using the RME volume control to control the headphone output but not affect the line outs? I think the answer is no as far as I can understand from the manual. It looks like the volume control would control both the headphone and line out volumes if you want both those outs to be active at the same time. Thanks.
  14. Darthpool
    I heard from a little birdie that Headphones.com might be getting them for sale in the USA here in the near future...they have an awesome return policy and one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had so far. But if impatient I think they have other authorized dealers...but not sure as I got mine from a user on here...
  15. emacs
    I want through an exercise with this dac recently. I was surprised that RME ADI-2 DAC does not sport Tidal in elusive mode with forced volume: Tidal stream must go through windows mixer where it gets re-sampled before it reaches this dac. That's bad news for those who's main source of music is Tidal stream. I wish I knew before purchase. Got it returned already. Sound wise it's really good indeed but nothing spectacular in my opinion. As a matter of fact pairing Arcam DAC with good Class A headphone amp outperformed RME headphone output to my ears.
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