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[REVIEW] HifiMan RE400 ‘Waterline’ – The New Reference

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  1. Pippin76
    Well, mine died after about a week. Cable went bad and cuts out the right channel almost all the time. Cables seems to be a Hifiman weak spot, my HE-400 cable broke after a couple of months too. Its too bad because they're pretty much unbeateable at the price in my opinion. But since its prohibitely expensive to send a 100$ headphone to the US, I'm unfortunately going to be done with Hifiman until I feel their quality control improves.
    (Now my real headache is to get in touch with Head-Direct, they havn't answered a single of my emails going two weeks back, sigh)
  2. gelocks
    Got my Denon C300s and the HifiMan RE-400s today... I don't have a lot of experience with in-ears but hopefully I'll be able to pick them apart easily... (which is why I bought 2 IEMs with supposedly different signatures :wink: -- I wanted one IEM to sound warm-ish similar to Sennheiser HD600s or MrSpeakers Mad Dogs and a "fun" one similar to M-Audio Q40s/V-Moda M100, Ultrasone Signature DJ).
    Let's see...
  3. elnero
    I just ordered a pair, I know T400 Comply tips are mentioned as fitting but does anyone know if T500 will work as well? I know this is the case with Heir products, people seem to be able to either T400 or T500's but I want to make sure so I can order some T400's if it's going to truly be necessary.
  4. ClieOS Contributor

    Both T400 and T500 can be used. I tested both.
  5. elnero

    Thank you very much for the reply, that saves me ordering T400's.
    That makes me wonder though, what is the difference between the T400's and T500's?
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    T500 has a smoother inner finishing in the inner tube. It comes out after people trying to use T400 on TF10 and it get stuck because there is too much friction between the TF10 nozzle and the inner tube. Back in the day before T500, I actually sand the T400 inside down before using it on the TF10.
  7. elnero

    Thanks for the info, that's very informative. :)
  8. hifiman-us
    I am sorry you have not received a response from Head-Direct. I suspect it has not reached the right person or has gone to an inactive mailbox. Please pm me and give me your email address and I will make sure that someone is in contact with you right away.
    Peter Hoagland
    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  9. whirlwind
    Thanks for this, I did not know that.
  10. Ultrazino
    I read some lovely impressions on the RE-400 and this review definitely caught my interest. I didn't expect much, so I picked up a pair from China directly.
    I intended to use them for my emergency music fix, to always keep them in my jacket. But I am afraid I cannot do that anymore. It would just not do them justice. The sound quality far exceeds all my expectations I could justify at 99 €.
    I wonder how much HiFiMAN could charge if they used a better cable, included ear tips that actually fit (they are all way too small except for the super huge biflange that also doesn't fit) and included a nice carrying case. It would still be great value at 199 € if they included a leather pouch.
  11. Deftoned
    It looks like they are ported. Do they leak any sound out when listening? My previous t-jays leaked an awful lot which made them less usefull for me. Thanks in advance!
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    Not that I notice any significant leakage. Another person will have to be 3~4 inches away from your ears to know you are even listening to music. It is quite fainted.
  13. Deftoned
    Great news! Thanks a lot for the quick response!
  14. ghost jammerz
    can anyone compare RE-400 with SE-215/ SE-315 in terms of SQ.. is RE-400 having better SQ? i am also attracted to the Shures, not sure which one to get
  15. Inks
    RE400 destroys both.
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