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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. ilmothedude
    Btw, what does read in your imps player information section on settings? Mine says: Model: Imp 1st, Software version: V1.0.
    funkymartyn likes this.
  2. funkymartyn

    Mine says....imp 1st software..ver, 2.0
  3. funkymartyn
    Strange thing.... just put on the card side of player 3 free lp downloads from when I bought the LPs...... one went on ok... the other two look like they are on when you view the player + card on the pc... but can't see them when on the player ?..... Been everywhere ?????     .. Glad I don't do downloads.
  4. ilmothedude

    Mystery is solved, your imp really is upgraded version! Cool!
    Hmm, strange. Have you checked that files are surely in supported file format and file extensions are valid?
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  5. ilmothedude
    Imp stacks very nicely with Topping NX1 headphone amp. Connection cable is DIY made for most compact size possible, earbuds are amazing VE Monk plus.
  6. funkymartyn
    I. Have the. Nx1, and a fiio e11k.....not tried them with the Imp yet.
  7. funkymartyn
    Anyone found a case, silicon type cover for this Imp player yet...
    Iv been trying out my senn hd580 with this Imp... Worked better when using my NX 1 topping amp.
  8. Sulbh

    What did you use as a source with NX1?
  9. funkymartyn

    I used my IMP... lol.. will post up pics later.
  10. funkymartyn
    DSC06534.jpg  Playing a Top Jazz  cd on my Imp.
    DSC06535.jpg Using my Senn HD 580 headphones
    DSC06539.jpg Linked upto my Topping NX 1...sound good enough
  11. funkymartyn
    Be aware that this player will only play , store., read only about 3000, 3500  on the internal memory, .. And only 4000 songs on any card you choose to use...... Waste of time fitting a 64 gb one.
    Best stick to a 16gb  or 32gb  max..... I can only get about 160  ish  cds on each folder..... so think 16gb is big enough.......
  12. ilmothedude
    Oh man, that sucks a big time! Pretty bad engineering, I wonder if that could be fixed with firmware update or is it hardware based thing. Anyway, your imp is newer model than mine so I bet my player works in a same way. Lucky me, I haven't bought 64gb card yet, gotta stick with 32gb. Thanks for info!
    64gb card makes sense if you want to use FLAC and other lossless formats. I have ripped my CD collection in FLAC 16bit 44.1kHz format and it's currently 54.5GB and contains 2141 songs so if I wanted to take my whole CD collection with me in CD quality, 64gb card would be ideal.
  13. funkymartyn
    You should be ok with your 64gb card then... At the minute most of my cd collection i have put onto Windows media i have ripped in 128 kbs, medium qualuty, but still sound ok....
    But recently iv started to rip my cds at the higher 196 bps or whatever its called.....lol.
    To add the cd to existing mp3 player i have to remove 2 cds.... so i assume this 196 size will use much more space on my card, and player, etc....
    So reckon i need to try to work out somehow how many cds and space i would use up if i now rip a load more of my collection at 196.......lol.......Not easy.....lol.
    I may have to buy the 32gb size....
    As on my 16gb sony mp3 players iv checked, and in normal med quality i have less than 4000 songs on .
    And on the built in memory it says under 4000 songs, but trying to find out how many cds are on.....Not easy.... as some of the cd titles have more than one cd in the folder.... so it might say 170 cds.... but there could be 200....... lol
  14. funkymartyn
    Amazon uk. Deal of say, about 1,5 hrs to go...Agptek Imp , £46... new...... get in quick.
  15. audiofan
    I'm curious as to whether the player is powerful enough to drive my pinnacle p1 iems alone or if they would require an amp with the device.
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