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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. davidcotton
  2. funkymartyn
    Can't see this on Amazon uk ?
  3. Paul Davidson
    I am very tempted it looks lovely. Have been toying with the idea of the Xduoo X3 for a while and I imagine it will have better sound quality than this but I do like players with a rotating volume knob.
  4. funkymartyn
    Think its gonna be big, but I like it also..120mm , 80mm, 40mm. With a 2.4 inch screen... A bit like my phone size.
  5. slowpickr
    Where did this dimension come from (Amazon US maybe?)?  Amazon UK has the dimension as 86mm X 58mm X 15mm which would put it slightly smaller than a Fiio X1.  I've found Amazon US's dimensions to be inaccurate in the past.  
    Also went to AGPTEKs website and this player isn't listed for some reason.  The OP player is.  Makes me wonder if it's an older model.
  6. funkymartyn
    From the link paul put on above, amazon uk.... steange you have found a different size on amazon
  7. slowpickr

    Sometimes Amazon US puts the size of the product box.
  8. funkymartyn
    No this link is uk amazon... take a look... iv asked the seller a question about size and the model, when did it come out.... but it as lots of features, it maybe new this year... i like it.... i have the Imp already..

    Just checked the. Us sire amazon and yes looks big, they gave it as, 4.7 , 3.1, 1.5, inch
  9. slowpickr

    Ok, I clicked the link Paul Davidson provided above. Anyway, I bet it isn't that big. Would love to know how it compares to the Xduoo X3.
  10. funkymartyn
  11. funkymartyn
    same as this  aigo mp3  108  being sold on ebay.....
  12. Onix
    AGPTEK is just one of the different brands of these players. I can't remember the other one, but with the Aigo brand we have three now.
  13. kalo86
    How does the Aigo 108 or AGPTek H1 sound?
    I just read that the AGPTek H1 is powered by a Wolfson DAC. It should be a nice DAP.
  14. Onix
    I remembered. AGPTek, Riuizu (or something like that) and now Aigo basically sell the same players. It would be great to find out who is the OEM maker and maybe save some money with them. And by the way, I found the Aigo for sale here in Mexico. Maybe I'll give it a try if I don't buy the Xduoo X2 I am interested in.
  15. gwompki
    Necrothread! I love the earbuds that came with the M20 and recabled them. Does anyone know where I could buy these earbuds directly? I know they are using Sennheiser Mx365 shells but pretty sure they aren't the same.

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