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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. ilmothedude
    I'm not familiar with P1 iems but I do believe IMP would drive those without problems. There will be enough volume for sure, but sound is always different matter. I have Beyerdynamic DT150 (250ohm) which is full sized headphone and I was pleasantly surprised how good they sound with IMP without any external amp.
  2. funkymartyn
    Well that's a bummer... my second  imp which I only bought  in june and never even used it till june 29th, as turned out to be faulty.. I loaded up music onto the card and then nothing... volume very low.. not good... so checked the card in my other imp, all ok... so put one cd onto  imp internal and still no volume, well very little.... so had to send it back today via amazon, as heard nothing from my email to the seller... not happy, as I wanted to get a exchange.....lets hope my first  imp stays good.........damn.
  3. ilmothedude
    Oh damn, that's a pity. Hopefully that's not common fault. My guess would be cold solder joint because those are more common than faulty components.
  4. funkymartyn
    Don't know but volume very low, even at no.50..... ????? ... and they never got back to me ????  good thing I had it from amazon uk... so getting money back, and free returns to local store.... but id rather have had another player ????
     Just looking at getting a  xduoo 3   from amazon now instead.. its a seller again, but lucky amazon fulfil the sale....
    So now im reading up a bit on this  xduoo 3 .... looks , sounds ok for me.... holds two cards.... battery life only 8 hr  but can't have everything...
  5. funkymartyn
    Argos. Uk. Just started to sell a. Agptek Imp copy , but made by there brand Acoustic Solutions. Looks the same but uts built in memory 128gb, ... but no extra sd card slot , also as Bluetooth, £99
  6. ilmothedude
    Interesting. Same casing but hardware must be different because there's bluetooth and microphone. Also 128gb capacity is more than IMPs offical 16gb + 64gb. Still using IMP myself, no defects or problems occurred. Sounds great! I wonder if firmware updates are being made for IMP...
    funkymartyn likes this.
  7. davidcotton

    Seem to be a lot of this type of player coming out of the woodwork atm.  The imp is almost an exact copy of fiio's m3 player as well.   Argos website is typically frustrating.  No word on what type of formats it plays (though I guess at the least it would be mp3 and flac as that is the type the others play as well).  Don't know why but almost tempted to try one.
  8. ilmothedude

    Probably music format support is at least same as IMP, MP3/WMA/FLAC/APE/WAV/OGG. CUE support would be ace, but unfortunately IMP doesn't support it, meaning there's no gapless playback support at all. Bluetooth support sounds cool, and microphone aswell as long recording quality is decent.
  9. funkymartyn
    Only just come out today in there new argos mag,  so no info, and no stock ..yet...£99   is I worth it ?.. im not sure..... but ill be keeping my eye on it.... be nice if these go into there first sale..... lol....... The other acoustic player they clearing out being £90   the 160gb  jukebox.  But not great reviews........ For now ill just use my first IMP and two  64gb  cards im filling up..... As my second Imp had volume fault, and was sent back.
  10. funkymartyn
    [​IMG]here it is... sorry its small pic...??  only in silver.
     delete this post if you can, posted pic below ... cant delete ?
  11. funkymartyn
    [​IMG] gone back to the same front as the early version, with the lock tab on it....
  12. ilmothedude
    Lock tab is so useless, never using it because buttons lock when screen goes off. Brushed silver color looks cool. Not going to buy tho, I'm satisfied with IMP right now.
    funkymartyn likes this.
  13. ilmothedude
    Yesterday I bought 64gb micro sd for my IMP. I've loaded it with lots of folders with flac files, but I found one annoying thing that didn't happen with 32gb card. Every folder have replica file, which can't be opened. That makes file view so much slower to navigate through. They can't be deleted. Anyone has same issue with 64gb card? Otherwise everything is working perfectly.
  14. funkymartyn
    Yes agree i found the same thing.dont understand it .? Thought it might be something to do with with bringing across the art work cd cover type file , which cant be read .. Can be a pain when hunting over your folders.... takes longer.... And they dont delete ? Says empty file.....
  15. slowpickr
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