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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. ilmothedude
    Sounds neat, sounds like you got yourself some special version of imp [​IMG]. I'd love to see a photo.
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  2. funkymartyn
    To add photos do I have to use something like  photobucket ?......
    Trying to load photo on via Photobucket... but not working ?
  3. funkymartyn
    DSC06533.jpg .....Here is my player , no hold tab.
  4. funkymartyn
    DSC06530.jpg .... same as your player at the rear ?
  5. Sulbh
    How is it compare to ipod classic or touch 4th generation.?
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  6. ilmothedude
    Thanks for photos! That's so neat, your player is exactly identical except that one touch button! Back of the player is identical aswell, except number below but that's normal.
    I see your players number is A104076330 whereas mine is A0627151224 and that would indicate that my imp is newer model.
    I wonder, if or when firmware upgrade comes, could it be installed to your imp even if it's older version. I assume that our players are possibly still technically alike even though one touch control differs.
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  7. funkymartyn
    One thing might be of use, iv read that this player only accepts 3000 songs on internal, and 4000 on 64gb card..... well iv already got 3360 on internal memory and still going strong ?
  8. ilmothedude
    I always have thought of those song numbers as examples for people who doesn't quite understand digital storage capacitys like 64gb and how much it would take music. But I'm not sure if that's the case here... what sense would it make that you can put 3000 songs in 16gb and ONLY 4000 in 64gb. I mean, only 1000 songs more than in 16gb?! 1000 songs won't quite fill that extra 48gb that you get with card. I really hope those song numbers are just examples and not real limitations. It's promising that you've already gone over those numbers in internal memory and haven't found any problems. I have only 32gb card and I have +3500 songs in it, no problems here of course.
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  9. fredhubbard2

    depends if you organise your music into folders or just dump all tracks in as one massive playlist. I agree it doesn't make sense but the xDuoo X2 for example seems to have a folder limit of 100. if that's albums @ 320, that's not a lot on a 32GB card. it doesn't make sense but maybe there is this sort of limitation on this unit. time will tell I suppose. I think the recent ( poor ) efforts from Sansa - clip jam and sport have the same issues.
  10. ilmothedude
    That's good point, on IMP there's actually mode where it shows all songs in same list and as you said, limitations may apply here. I come from Colorfly C3 and as it didn't have any fancy playlists or such features, folder navigation is what I usually use, and I have fairly well organized music library. At the moment, I have 32gb card and major part of my collection is 320kbps mp3, no problems occurred yet even though card is very full. I'll probably buy bigger card at some point, and we'll see what happens then.
  11. funkymartyn
    Just to let you know my player now full to the top....4000 , songs on it....... so now im going to start the 64gb card.....going to just put card in pc, then pop it in player later....and hope it reads ok.
    Update just put 15 cds onto card. And popped it into player...All ok.....And mega fast to add them ....Well pleased.
  12. funkymartyn
    Just been informed that mine is the updated new player with the shuffle tab, ( see my pic above post ) . With the power button at the top acting as the hold tab.
  13. ilmothedude
    Oh, your imp is updated version. Makes sense, since there's no any product pictures of it. From whom you got that info?
  14. funkymartyn

    From the Amazon Seller in the uk......Linking Mart , . Is there name.
  15. ilmothedude
    Seems legit. Seems like it's same thing as with Colorfly C3, white screen was changed to turquoise screen on later models. Probably sound is still identical even though yours is newer model.
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