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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. Perpendicular
    Just an FYI, concerning VERY low priced lossless MP3 player: Just bought an AGPTEK M07 for my 12yr. Old daughters and have to say the audio output is impressive for $27.00! I peruse many, many options before settling on this model. Ordered from Amazon Prime and just got done going thru them for my girls. I use a 32MB HC class 10 micro SD card and transferred flac audio from my laptop to the card and popped them into the AGPTEK. Using Phillips 9500 cans (another amazing value) to audition the players. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality audio these little Chinese DMP's deliver! I had NO problem playing lossless with both players. I definitely rec. not using the EQ. Adds too much distortion. Keep in flat. I use a FIIO E12 "Mont Blanc" HEAD amp to bump the signal, works fine.
    I would say the only hassle, if any, would be the very basic, minimal menu GUI. Takes a bit to get used to, but hey, they R for my 12yr. olds. After a short learning curve, it worked well. Although the functionality is still archaic and easy to choose wrong NSEF 360* button. Like I said, small thing, especially if you R going to listen to a specific list for more than an hour. Then it'S not a snafu. The M07 has a solid metal outer case, with a 1.8" OLED display. I chose a non-touchscreen player, because at this form-factor the GUI is way to small to bother. Much better off with the 360 4-way selector with play/pause in center. Takes 1-11/2 hrs to charge and lasts 12-16 hrs. playing @ moderate med vol. Fine by me! SO far, everything has worked well after 6 days of use. These also have a built in FM radio, and dictation ability, plus it comes with a tiny "speaker" that actually presents vocal audio very loud and clear. Recording quality is also great, not shrill, like some cheap players I have heard. You can record FM, also.
    In summary. For $27.00 this ChinAudio DMP is versital, well built, plays great basic lossless, and is actually a pretty neat little "gadget" for the $$! I will probably order 1 for myself, until I can afford to grab a more audiophile friendly one, in a year. I figure in 12 months, China will have dropped the price of the $75 -$150 HIFI (upgraded audiophile) models by at least 50%. 3 months ago, the M07 was $49.00. It is about time the gap between a decent entry DMP player, (junk $20 - 30 DMP's and decent $250 - 400) has narrowed greatly! I imagine it will only get better for consumers, as more companies compete in a market that is just waiting to be served. Not only that, but it gives me an opportunity to, once again, scan the internet for the best, inexpensive digital sources to read about and compare. Being that I am disabled, it has become a necessity to find the best "bang for my buck"! Besides, kids don't need anything more to help spoil their pampered bottoms. But, at the same time, I want to pass along my enjoyment of listening to music the way it should be listened to, IMHO, From Studio recording to consumer playback, in the closest possible reference quality!
    Hope this gives a few, looking for dirt cheap audio solutions, some insight. From a long-time reader and, all too abscent, poster........
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  2. Peddler
    I have the Agptek h1 and I think it's a superb player. the only real problem with it is that it doesn't support gapless playback but apart from that it does tick a lot of boxes and sounds superb .
  3. funkymartyn
    I see on another thread on this forum that agptek are bringing out a mp3 player with bluetooth called the rocker...its out now but not yet in the uk..on amazon uk they are selling a similar player but without bluetooth. . Looks the same and good.. ill be keeping my eye for when this comes out..
  4. fredhubbard2
    I believe its the same as the Benjie T6 and has been designed to support rockbox.
  5. funkymartyn
    Dont really use rockbox, assume this will still sound ok without.....
  6. fredhubbard2
    what can you compare it with ? how does it sound say compared to xDuoo's line of DAPs ? I am debating whether to get one of these or a Xuelin ihifi780 as my next toy.
  7. fredhubbard2

     well rockbox is dual boot so you should still be able to use the original firmware even after installing rockbox.
  8. Peddler
    It sounds better than the Xduoo x2 - only black silence and can go louder. I think it's an excellent little player all in all and extremely well made.
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  9. fredhubbard2

    Ok cheers, will probs get one in the next month
  10. visiblink

    I have the H01. It has more detail and more contrast between instruments (if that makes sense) than my rockboxed Santa Clip+. I think it sounds better than any of my phones, but not as good as my 1990s Panasonic Shockwave CD player, which has the best sound of anything I own.

    I agree that it seems completely silent between tracks, but I have a bit of tinnitus, so take that with a grain of salt.

    Those observations are based on using the player with FLAC and 320kbps .m4a files. My headphones and IEMs are the JVC HA-S500, Xiaomi Piston V2, and some generic set of IEMs from thesource in Canada.

    One oddity: I have to adjust the EQ more when changing headphones on this player than on others.

    Another issue: the music database does not seem to persist between shutdowns. I have to rebuild it each time. As a result, I use the folder browser, but it lists the folders and tracks out of order unless you use a FAT sorting program to sort the File Allocation Table after adding music to the card.

    I should also mention that Amazon sent me two defective units (one physically damaged, one with a defective volume knob) before I received a good one.

    There are pictures of a teardown in this review: https://www.amazon.ca/review/R1Q5VVALK0CAXW/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B01HB1HF76&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=667823011&store=electronics

    If you translate the review, you'll see that the reviewer received units with paint that stained his fingers. I did too.

    Sent from mTalk
  11. fredhubbard2

    Hi, thankyou for the info. I will use folder browsing anyway. Worried bout the defective units but will probe still order unless there are rave reviews of the xuelin
  12. funkymartyn
    Not sure where best thread to post this but anyone know anything about the agptek Imp , lookalike being sold by Argos uk rebranded as Acoustic Solutions 128gb built in memory, bluetooth......dont think it as extra sd card slot... as argos have discounted this at just over £72..

    As i already have the imp and find it a good mp3 player.
  13. visiblink

    I wouldn't worry too much. Amazon has a great returns policy. The Xuelin ihifi780 looks good. I was interested in it too.

    Sent from mTalk
  14. fredhubbard2

    Yes very neat altho the headfi'ers who have don't seem to be talking about it much.
  15. iLFuma
    I replicated Funkymartyn's configuration and I must say it sounds amazing for about $90. [​IMG]

    The sound is so clean and the bass is very punchy with B&O H6 1st gen. Right now i'm using Flac and some MP3 320 and it's perfect.
    Flac over 16 bit are not supported [​IMG]
    Topping NX1A (Infinite Battery life [​IMG])  + Fiio L16
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