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Review - AGPTEK Lossless MP3 Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by peddler, Apr 24, 2016.
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  1. ilmothedude
    Welll.. I'm pretty sure [​IMG]
     My player does that even in folder mode right now. Moving to next folder when last song is finished from earlier folder. Also when going to Music option in root options, there's option "all songs" and choose either local or card and it shows all songs in one big list.
  2. funkymartyn
    Mine different to your player, mine as a shuffle tab ????. Where you can choose to , Play all, or repeat, or shuffle, etc.... Don't know why they different, mine from amazon uk
  3. funkymartyn
    Cant put photo on via my phone.. Do I have to use the photobucket type site to post pics....
  4. ilmothedude
    Now that's odd, could you sent a photo of your IMP, I curious how it differs. On my IMP, when you press setting button on touch panel while it's on now playing screen, it shows playing options like play all, shuffle, repeat etc.
  5. funkymartyn
    Looks like mine is a one off. Lol
    As picture :camera: on amazon, ebay, are like your player.... Still I'm keeping it...
  6. ilmothedude

    Did you still buy it from site where imp looked on picture like mine? Can you find picture from online, surely it must be some other version if it's not same as mine.
  7. ilmothedude
    Btw, does your imp have white or turquoise screen color? Mine has white but I've seen photos where it's also turquoise...
  8. funkymartyn
    Mine still for sale by seller via amazon uk.. Name of , Linkmart...
    My player looks like white colour for front control, and turquoise for screen... And when playing a song, going to setting screen gives me....shutdown mode, language, information, equalizer, format device and factory settings....so as the top power button is not easy pressed after it times out , about 20 sec... I'm ok with it..maybe they did upgrade.
  9. ilmothedude

    I see, button panel is white on my imp too, but screen is white aswell. Hard to say which one would be newer model. There was similiar screen color change also in Colorfly C3 player, earlier ones had white screen, and later ones had turquoise screen. It seems like your imp has differencies in user interface aswell. My guess would be that they didn't have seperate lock button on device at first and that's why buttons lock when screen times out. Now after they added lock button, they still haven't fixed firmware not to lock buttons when screen times out. Just my speculation [​IMG]
  10. funkymartyn
    One thing while in the shuffle tab playing normal with two arrows on screen, but if you press the View Playing line then you get only one arrow and it plays 10 sec of every song.
  11. ilmothedude
    Btw, on some pictures of imp (with turquoise screen) it looks like metal body of imp is made of more silvery colored brushed aluminum, while mine is more like brown colored metal with no brushing texture...?
  12. funkymartyn
    I'm keeping mine. Lol... Iv added about 8gb upto now of cds... Going to fill it up later, Then start on the 64gb card...Then get another 64gb card. Lol
  13. funkymartyn
    Mine same body as your one.
  14. ilmothedude

    Nice, although I think brushed aluminum would've been more stylish looking [​IMG]. I keep wondering if your imp doesn't have lock button, what button do you have on the place of where my imp has lock button? Or does your imp have 7 touch controls at all?
  15. funkymartyn
    Where on picture of this player you have lock tab, I have the crossover arrows, which goes to play options like shuffle etc.. And yes I do have 7 tabs.
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