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Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Nov 4, 2012.
  1. bavinck
    Ohh, that I did not know. What is "ladder"? R2R is very hyped here now so I wondered if it was worth trying. I am looking for a good dac to replace my modi 1, which has become the bottleneck in my system. I might just jump on the concero.
  2. crooner
    It is very hyped indeed. And to think that very highly regarded traditional R2R DACs were pretty much worthless and obsolete not so long ago. Consider that Schitt's main guy Mike Moffat thinks the Burr Brown PCM63 was the best DAC ever made.
    I have just upgraded to a very expensive DAC, but I absolutely love my Concero HD. 
  3. bavinck
    Apparently the HD comes without a remote. How do I change the filter settings? Is default filter just direct out?
  4. crooner
    You can use the Apple remote for that. Or like I do, using an Apple Remote APP emulator on a smartphone with IR blaster.
    R2R and "Ladder" are the same thing, by the way...
  5. bavinck
    I am getting a soft "clicking/tapping" noise using this dac. Sounds digital, might be a pattern just under the music. Switched amps, still there. Switched headphones, still there. Going back to my modi 1 the sound is gone. You guys think the concero is defective or I am getting usb noise that could not be heard through the modi 1?
  6. JoeDoe
    Hey there Concero-ites, I'm a once-upon-a-time HP owner looking to grab either an HD or HP again. I remember it quite fondly, and for someone who considers small footprints a plus, this guy is at the top of my list. If you've got one to sell/trade, please shoot me a PM. 
  7. amigastar
    Hey people,
    i have a question regarding usb and S/PDIF.
    Can i connect an ifi purifier2 and aqvox powersupply into the usb port of the Concero HD and then listen with S/PDIF Input Selected so the DAC gets power from usb port and the sound comes from S/PDIF Input?
    I hope someone can help me out there.
  8. project86 Contributor
    In theory, it should work. Listening to the coaxial input always requires power to be fed over USB. So that's not unexpected for the Concero. The problem might be the other two devices, and whether or not they confuse things in any way. Seems like it should be fine but I really don't know for sure.
  9. amigastar
    allright then, thank you project86
  10. daerron
    I only have an AQVox PSU so will try it here and see if it works. I presume you already have an Apple remote to change the direction of the SPDIF?
    I'm surprised how much the Concero sound improved through the external PSU. Also slight improvement this way as a USB->SPDIF converter.
  11. amigastar
    Hey daerron,
    if you remember, we already chatted in the Aqvox USB PSU thread i think :)
    yes i have an Apple Remote and i think i will add my Aqvox into the mix, right now i have only the ifi purifier.2 selected. But i will use my Asio drivers to listen to from Foobar.
    I've listened to my Hifiman HE-500 which sound really nice the last 1 1/2 years since i moved, just today installed my Wharfedale 10.1 speakers, tommorrow i will connect them, looking forward to try my Concero HD on Speakers.
  12. daerron
    Verified that it works with the AQVox only. I actually haven't used the AQVox with the Concero previously as I could not get it to work and loaned the PSU to a friend, but I recently got it back and this time didn't have any issues. Two up presses of the Apple remote and I started getting sound out of my CD transport connected to the Concero using the SPDIF input, took a fraction to get the clock lock so you'll see the LED briefly in red before turning blue. Sounds pretty decent.
    Btw, enjoy your Wharfedale 10.1 speakers, they are very nice speakers for the money!
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  13. DC5Zilla
    Just FYI but I'm selling my Concero HD if anyone is interested [​IMG]

  14. AladdinSane
    Are there digitally signed versions of the USB drivers for Windows 10? I have the original Concero and have recently rebuilt my PC with WIn10. The drivers on the Resonessence site seem to cause issue unless you turn off digital signing which is a bit of a pain but doable.
  15. amigastar
    Asking Mark for new Firmware fo the Concero line he answered me this:
    "There are currently no updates that have been published for CONCERO.
    This is now a mature product and all of the features that we wanted to
    add are current. I will ask for our web site to be edited."
    Mark M

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