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Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Nov 4, 2012.
  1. AladdinSane
    Thanks. You can get around it but I'm a mature product as well and that is something additional to remember.
  2. chrisjepson
    I am leaving my Concero HD to go to a Chord 2qute --- has anyone else tried both? I'm curious since they probably sound quite different.
  3. chrisjepson
    Separately, if ex-Concero HD owners, of those that moved on, what did you transition to?
  4. Townyj
    I had a Mojo when i owned my Concero HP, Concero HP hands down. All the Chord fluff.. is just hype imo. It would be hard finding something around the same price range of the Concero that tramps it. The Concero is raw, Mojo is bland. But good luck on your look for an upgrade :) the Concero is a ripper.
  5. chrisjepson

    Thanks for the impression. So the new 2qute is supposed to be a step up from Hugo so I will have to let you know. I am regretting selling my Concero but we will see how this goes. The 2qute leverages galvanized isolation for the USB connection so it's supposed to be a bit better overall that the first gen Hugo.

    Do you have a separate power supply for your HD? At least one person mentioned it made a significant improvement. Would be interested to know.
  6. oogabooga
    Been a while since I've poked my head in this thread, but has anyone has issues with their Concero picking up signals from the Apple IR remote? Mine doesn't seem to want to any more. 
    The IR sensor on my computer can pick up the remote and I can control iTunes, whether or not the Concero has power. But, I can't find a way to activate the filters...
    Edit (3 minutes later): It's working now. I started BitPerfect and all of a sudden the Concero began to like the remote again. I have no idea why - I haven't used BitPerfect in months (I also, mind you, haven't used the remote in months). I've been listening all week long with the Concero in 'blue' mode and Bitperfect off, and have rebooted my system a few times in between, too. 
    Weird, but glad it's working!
  7. chrisjepson

    I don't like using the filters. All blue all the time.
  8. Dacat
    Forgive the intrusion. I just picked up a Concero HD and for fun set it up as a bridge to an NOS Metrum Musette. All I can say is that the Metrum sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE now. I can't describe the change. This is the best my system has ever sounded. Of course the Concero sounds great as a stand-alone DAC, but wow.
    Can anyone explain how this works?
  9. chrisjepson
    It's just a very clear reference DAC.
  10. vizegize5
    I have to chance to buy the Concero HP (new) for about 400$ and Im wondering if its a good deal nowadays? Considering all that competitors that has come out since its release.
    I also wonder if anyone here have tried it with active speakers? If so, how was your experience?
  11. Townyj
    good buy :) i found my HP beat my old Mojo at times. $400 is a steal :) Never used mine with active speakers.
  12. JJ1960

    I had 3 great years with my Concero HD.  Worked flawlessly and was very musical.  Was even better after I added an AqVox low noise power supply.  In the end I couldn't resist upgrading and picked up a new Hegel HD25 for a steal ($1100).  It's a nice, clear step up  - no doubt about it.  But it's more than twice the price, so it should be.
  13. project86 Contributor
    I sometimes use Concero HD with a pair of Adam Audio monitors. It works quite well. 
  14. juliush
    I used my Concero HD in tandem with a Metrum Octave MkI acting as USB-SPDIF bridge for Metrum for PCM sources and as direct DAC for DSD. However when I learned and tried HQPlayer's upsampling to DSD128 it won hands down so the Metrum went on sale. Since then I went even further by avoiding my tube pre-amplifier too and driving my Naim NAP250 DR directly by the Concero HD and using HQPlayer's volume control. I use the volume range between -30 ~ -18 dB, so I don't really drop any useful resolution but gain tremendous clarity, transparency.
  15. vizegize5
    Thx for the replies guys!
    How about the optical in/out, what use can you make of it?
    And how to you think headphones like Beyerdynamic DT880 and T5P, or Fostex T500rp will respond to Concero HPs sound?

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