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Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Nov 4, 2012.
  1. analog'd
    oh, i would so love this to be true to my ears also. i have a concero hp coming and had been thinking the lcd-3 would not be well driven by it. ordered it for use woth sine and th900
  2. frmrsntmnts
    Hey, does anyone have the most recent firmware update for the concero they can provide? Currently, the Resonessence Labs website page has nothing available:

    I'm currently testing the concero as a usb > spdif convertor, and would love the ability to pass through DSD (which I heard they added in a future update)/ see if the latest firmware has any other noticeable improvements.

    I've tried contacting Resonessence Labs, but haven't heard back — massive thank you if anyone can help!
  3. chips666
    You found the correct page
    Select Concero under the Products tab, select Software downloads tab and download the zip file
    If i remember well 2.18 is the latest version
  4. nordkapp
    Subbed. Concero hp on its way. I went from Concero HD, to Veritas (for stereo) but now I need a small high quality hp dac/amp so I figured why not. If this thing drives my 600 ohm T1.2 to reasonable levels ( I do not listen cazy loud anyways) w/decent sq then my big Bryston is going up for sale. Has anyone tried it with the T1.2?
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  5. OscarJr
    Mine has 2.8. I tried running the updater just right now, and it says can't connect to resonessence labs. Weird.
  6. nazrin313
    mine says the same thing...tried to contact them via their website, no reply yet..
  7. nazrin313
    So what are your impressions of the 2Qute vs the Concero HD? Is there any improvements? if any?
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  8. Wyd4
    I also am trying to update my Concero HP firmware, which is currently at a very early version.

    I must say feeding this thing nice clean USB made a huge difference.

    I am using an Allo USBridge as a streamer with an iPower 5v PSU, Curious Cables USB cable with my Aeons and the jump from my laptop USB port is a testament to cleaning up USB.

    All that aside I would LOVE to update the firmware but I too get the cannot connect to resonessence.
    Sent a contact to them a couple of weeks ago with no response.
  9. nordkapp
    Yeah I tried to update mine a few weeks back and got the same problem. Pretty frustrating and truthfully disappointed in Resonessence. I bought a Concero HD and Veritas on separate occasions-both were dead on arrival. Both units had to go back. Then I reached out to Mark regarding a problem with the Veritas not decoding DSD128 properly and was told they were aware of the problem. That was a long while ago and still no solution.
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  10. nazrin313
    What is the latest firmware anyways? Read that they stopped releasing firmware for the concero hd bcos its final now, been like that for the past few years
  11. nordkapp
    Well then if thats the case they should make a note of that fact on the web site. I'm not sure of the latest firmware #.
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  12. Wyd4
    Whats frustrating is I have a Concero HP running old firmware with no way to update.
  13. nordkapp
    Well that's understandable.
  14. project86 Contributor
    Did you guys email them? I've always received prompt answers, which is hard to judge as a "reviewer"... but I've heard the same feedback from many other customers too.
  15. Wyd4
    Yeah I have sent them a couple of emails with no response in around 2 and 3 weeks respectively.

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