1. HPiper

    Schiit Loki DSD

    I haven't seen a thread about this device in here. I was wondering how popular this device is and how well it works. Especially considering the very low price compared to some of the other units like the Concero dacs that have DSD playback built in and Mytek and others. I was just reading a post...
  2. TooPoor

    Best ~$600 USB DAC?

    I'm on the search for the best 'cheap' DAC ~$600. I've read all the threads. I haven't heard any of the following though. I've gone back and forth in my head with the following:   1. Concero: Always heard great things. Don't need the 'HD'. 2. Herus: Haven't heard much about it as just a DAC...
  3. davidvanderbilt

    Choosing between 3 DACs

    I have done my fair share of research and have my selection narrowed down to the Concero, Arcam irDAC, and Emotiva DC-1. I know these are different in terms of functionality, but the only thing I would NEED is the DAC via USB. The headphone amp of the DC-1 would be a bonus. I can't find any...
  4. roscoofyore

    My Lame 3 DAC comparo.

    First off brilliant thread to Gary for his massive “December 2013 Mid-Level DAC Comparison”.  Massive kudos to Gary.  Before the holidays that thread was a mere 20 or so pages, wow it’s grown.  I was going to post my below findings there but decided against it, so here goes for anyone...
  5. Gary in MD

    December 2013 Mid-Level DAC Comparison

    Folks:   I intend to do a comparison of mid-level (~$500-2500) DACs in December 2013.  I will test multiple DACs and keep the one I like the best.  Period.  Everything else gets sent away.  If I end up liking my current $200 Emotiva XDA-1 best, that's the one I'll keep and everything new gets...
  6. mcullinan

    Best Old Dac to hook up to Concero or other USB jitter reducing converter?

    What is a Classic Dac that really improves with a Concero or Audiphileo USB Converter. Anyone have any experiences to share. Thanks!
  7. project86

    Resonessence Labs Concero discussion/review thead

    The prior thread which stemmed from my evaluation of the Resonessence Labs Invicta system has gotten a bit too long and disorganized. So at the suggestion of several people, I've decided to branch off and form this new thread. The focus will be strictly on the new Resonessence Labs Concero - any...
  8. shabta

    Resonessence Labs Concero - USB DAC

    Here's the link to the specs   They don't say what chip it uses. Because it is USB powered I am guessing sabre 9023.   Sounds exciting. Asynchronous USB, The same filters as the Invicta...   And the price looks ok
  9. DaemonSire

    Help me decide: Concero vs Bifrost Uber

    Hi All I'm looking to pick up a new DAC and have settled on either the Concero or Bifrost Uber.  I'll largely be using it over USB, but may use it via Coax too.   I've been reading review and searching the threads, but haven't found a good direct comparison between the two.  I've seen the...
  10. Resonessence Labs Concero

    Resonessence Labs Concero

    CONCERO is the digital processing core of the INVICTA, including its proven Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, Outstanding Jitter Reduction capability and the Proprietary Resonessence up-conversion filters delivering 176.4kS/s & 192kS/s from your 44.1kS/s & 48kS/s sources. CONCERO is designed to...