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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. kid vic
    Memoirs of a Geisha- 6.8/10

    First 40 minutes were pretty bad imho, the rest was decent. Rather watch House of the flying Daggers though
  2. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Triple Frontier - [1.5/10]: Pathetically bad, just really bad...
  3. Redcarmoose
    8-10 1C2DC580-24A7-4716-A03A-95D8D69A88F3.jpeg
  4. kid vic

    The Hit- 8.5/10

    Really cool crime thriller
  5. mariopepper
    Avengers - Infinity War
  6. castleofargh Contributor
    Endgame is sort of a better movie than Infinity War IMO, but they naturally keep pissing all over Thanos and the real power of the stones(having just one is a really big deal!!!!!). once again, as a very big fan of the original comic books, I hate how they ruined that amazing story, and want to rate the all thing at 3/10 because the scenario is crap. I don't say that only as a fan TBH, it's absolute nonsensical garbage with more plot holes than any movie I can think about right now, and I count Transformer and Fast&Furious franchises. what really kills me is how they had a perfectly good scenario available from the start. no copyright issues, no big money to give to some book writer, it's all in house Marvel salsa served on a platter in the very books they read to get the inspiration in the first place!!!!!! What happened?

    so to those who haven't seen it, it's a great movie(many aspects of it are very well done), so long as you are able to completely shut down your ability for critical thinking for a few hours. booze or weed(if it's legal, etc), might really help enjoy this movie. but not a lot or you'll just sleep and wake up with neck pain(it's a long movie).
  7. Redcarmoose
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
  8. Hutnicks
    The problem with that hole of a film is the only character of any interest is Nebula and she gets underserved while they are busy trying to set the whole Avengers thing up for some kind of reboot. Captain Marvel is ludicrous , The script was written by highschoolers over lunch on a Big Mac wrapper and they failed to kill of enough of the Avengers.

    Next time I am even remotely tempted to go down Avengers avenue it will be to dig up the Brit series with Macnee and Diana Rigg.
  9. lizardpanda
    Pikachu detective

    Cute characters but normal story.
  10. tonylee123321
    I'm one to love horror movies but I really hate jump scare, so I get what you mean.
  11. castleofargh Contributor
    not a movie but the Chernobyl HBO TV series is something you guys should check if you haven't started already. not much to expect in term of sex scenes and dragons in this one, but a ballsy challenge to try and treat such a dramatic subject as a TV show. and so far, I think it's done brilliantly. the shame, the bureaucracy, the true courage of man, it's all there.
  12. SpeakerBox
    10 Cloverfield Lane: I give it 10 out of 10.
  13. Zojokkeli
    It's very good for sure, easily one of the best tv-shows in recent years. I'm actually starting to work at a nuclear power plant in a couple of weeks, so it's been an interesting show in that regard, too.
  14. Davesrose
    I'm sure you'll have a much different experience working in a modern facility (and also in an area that had the first doses in "the free world" during Chernobyl). There's also some really good podcasts HBO has been introducing on Youtube (that's also in the special features on their streaming, and a series from NPR). It's interesting to hear the film maker's take on why they included fictionalized characters. It'll be interesting to see if they show how the plant continued to operate after the accident. I think another thing that's interesting is that we don't often hear that there was a partial meltdown with one of the other reactors before this accident (perhaps it wasn't in the conscious since it didn't have far reaching radiation going to the "West" the way this accident did). The series (at least the point I've seen) doesn't go over the events leading to the accident (perhaps to emphasize the aftermath of a silent killer).

    Still, some of the themes may be universal that any society would face: chain of events that show how safeguards aren't in place...politicians in complete denial (I thought especially telling, how they first randomly picked 30KM as a "safe" protected zone). They also had wishful thinking about adhering to any radiation number that was lower (many other examples of governments thinking this way).
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
  15. Redcarmoose

    Drunk Parents


    “Strangely romantic?”

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