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Agent Kang

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Oct 10, 2006

So I just finished watching Smokin' Aces and I'm speechless....what a piece of $hit of a movie it was..Crappy dialogue, crappy pacing, and mind-numbingly stupid plot. Joe Carnahan just lost all the respect he gained with Narc.

All the ranting made me forget to rate it: 1.5/10
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Just watched American Yakuza (Viggo Mortensen, 1993). Pretty good, if slightly generic and predictable.
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30 Days of Night:


It was much better than I expected it to be. Once again, Josh Hartnett was only mediocre. The rest of the acting (the humans, at least) was even worse. What made the movie good was the vampires! I can't remember the last movie I saw that was this suspensful! Granted, it's not the type of suspense that's like "what's going to happen next?" because you know what's going to happen next; somebody's gettin' their neck ripped open. But it was very suspenseful, nonetheless. I'd recommend seeing it if you're a fan of modern vampire movies.
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Saw IV


Great plot and great torture scenes etc, but I had to read up IMDB forums after to figure out the whole 'catch/plot thing', after that it all made sense!

Still, quite enjoyable, very funny at times!
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Oldboy (again)


Loses a .1 due to that crappy zoom thing they did on Dae-Su's face near the end. :[

Film I hadn't watched before: Amélie


Definition of "adorable". That's all there is to say about this film, haha.
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8/10 because I was entertained and I like this type of movie.


5/10 because it could have and should have been so so much better written and directed.
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"Habit" Larry Fessenden, Meridith Snaider - Typical boy meets vampire chick indie flick. Had me on the edge of my seat, actually jumped up and grabbed a 1m Aural Thrills silver cable to use as a flail, just in case. I'll give it a 7/10 'cause I'm still looking over my shoulder.

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