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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. Redcarmoose
    Heat was very much like the cinema emulating life.

    Actually Heat came out in 1995, and the North Hollywood shootout happened in 1997. So it was almost life imitating Hollywood.
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  2. SilverEars
    I got to warn you. That scene is the best part of the Movie and I aways found the rest really boring besides another robbery scene.

    I would have liked the whole movie to be action packed with Micheal Mann's cinema skills. Critics liked the movie so you may find the other scenes entertaining than me.

    If you haven't done so, I'd recommend you check out John Woo's Hongkong movies with Hard Boiled and Killer being the must watch. Excellent gunshooting choreography.
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  3. kid vic
    I know that John Woo is a legend (isnt that also the name of woo amps founder?) But I cant recall seeing any of his movies by themselves yet .
  4. Davesrose
    I watched Face Off a few weeks ago (one of his earlier American movies). I know movie execs probably thought it was a no brainer and paid everyone well (John Travolta and Nicholas Cage). Watching it now, it does seem over the top: both the plot and the acting. Cage and Travolta can be complete hams. With Cage, I've enjoyed him in Raising Arizona and Kick *ss
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  5. Redcarmoose

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  6. SilverEars
    I found his US production movies awkward and unnatural. The actors he worked with weren't the types that could replace Chow Yun Fat or Tony Leung. The two are very intense (and very talented) Asian actors, and also perhaps creating movies for a different audiences, he had to work with different plots and cultural expressions. It's pretty certain it didn't work out. He should have stayed in Hongkong and kept doing what he was doing with his original crew. I think around his time talented movie crews naturally formed in Hongkong. Hongkong cinema was really booming.
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  7. tdockweiler
    Making a Murderer Part 2 - 10/10

    Easily one of the best crime documentaries i've seen.
    I watched this in two days. That's probably 5 hours every night!

    Walking Dead Season 9 - 9/10

    This series so far is back to it's old self.

    PS if you want to watch a good John Woo movie check into "Bullet in the Head". Not the Stallone movie.
    It's probably the most violent/graphic movie he's done. "The Killer" and "Hard Boiled" are of course some of his best.

    If you like all the John Woo action movies from Hong Kong, also check into those of Ringo Lam.
    Some good ones are Full Contact and City on Fire.
    I also have "School on Fire" on VCD but i'm told it's one of his most violent movies and i've skipped it.
    Even "Bullet in the Head" had too many shootings to me. It got a bit ridiculous.

    It seems like most Hong Kong action films in the old days never have a happy ending. Someone always ends up dying!

    I miss all those good old Hong Kong movies. Here are a few off the top of my head that I remember loving:

    Full Throttle - Andy Lau and Gigi Leung
    Lost and Found - Kelly Chan, Michael Wong, Takashi Kaneshiro
    Comrades, Almost a Love story - Maggie Cheung, Leon Lai.
    Chunking Express - Must see movie directed by Wong Kar-Wai. Quentin Tarantino I think helped get this a US release (not sure how exactly).

    The director Lawrence Ah Mon also made some very good movies.
    I got tired of all the HK action movies and tried finding more dramas.

    They're now so hard to find in the USA! It used to be easy!
  8. Redcarmoose
    Truthfully though this movie would probably get a 4-10 from most. It suffers from bad editing maybe or pace.....something? I just liked the imagination in it.
  9. kid vic
    I agree with your 8-10 view; great imagination, uses a somewhat political backstory to establish its world and realism, some nods to current services (Uber style helicopter hiring) as well as current events (3D printing things). A little bit cliche and implausible but I will never look at "certified healthcare practitioners" the same again.
  10. Zinfin
  11. kid vic

    There Will be Blood- 9/10

    Well, I know why some people hate this movie and some people love it. Great story and pacing, Ayn Rand would have fallen in love with Daniel Plainview.
  12. kid vic

    Heaven Knows What- 8/10

    Heavy and often unsettling, really dark story of someone throwing their life at something useless and uncaring. Show your kids this and "Requiem For A Dream" in the same night to permanently scare them from drugs and scar them up pretty good.
  13. castleofargh Contributor
    I see Requiem For a Dream mentioned, I'm interested. so I google that movie to see the trailer, and realize I've seen it already. so the "French" title is Mad Love in New York...
    I remember going to watch this also because there was some reference to Requiem For a Dream from some critic(saying I'm a fan of Requiem is an understatement). IMO, it is indeed a strong warning against drug. because to think this is remotely like, or at the level of Requiem for a dream, the critic obviously was high on something, and he needs help.
    I remember this one as a low budget, low quality movie about bums.
  14. kid vic
    Hahaha, I agree it's a low budget movie about bums nut I don't agree that you have to be high to connect to Requiem. Requiem is the most immediate thing to compare it to; granted, Requiem is superior but (imo) "Heaven Knows What" does incredibly well considering the budget and the fact that more than half of the leads were either actual addicts or had never acted a day in their lives. The lead actress is the writer of the memoir this movie is based on. With that considered I think the movie deserves a kinder look. But I can't tell you to like it.
  15. wuwhere Contributor


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